Sunday, October 3, 2010

I wonder what you'd think Master??? Hyperness galore

what id probably look like if He was here right now with all my hyperness and my mouthy feeling right now...i feel like being mouthy but dont wanna get into too much trouble to lose things :(
the punishment should fit the crime and lately it seems i have been earning quite a few spankings...i just wonder when ill be getting one because it seems i crave one but at the same time i dont need one/want one because of the pain involved with the hitting lol weird i know its a love/hate relationship with spankings
what i will be soon....a wedded submissive wife and collared submissive of my husband in the near future...i cant wait until then
So i am going to write a journal entry because of how im feeling right now. im very playful and ready to just be fun but i have to tone it down here. i find it funny because i am just in a no care attitude, but at same time i feel like i need an attitude check for some reason. i read another subs journal about how she got 3 spankings and she really wanted one cause she needed one for her attitude. i feel like im getting to that time again....i guess ill find out when He uses that look on me or that voice and tells me to get into position. itd be alittle hard to do, but my bathroom has amazing light and i could do it in there and just pretend id be listening to music.

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