Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Rebellious lil one Made an Appearance :D

    So today has been an adventuresome day of training for sure. I had so much fun and i have a feeling if Master had been involved in any of the skits going on for our domestic disturbances, i would have gotten my butt beaten for sure. Today was so amazing and i realized that i for sure loved acting, but it was hilarious the reasons i was acting for.
    Anyways, before i go into detail about that i have to admit how my morning started out. i woke up this morning to my phone vibrating. i forgot to put it on alarm only and almost slept through the alarm if my roomies alarm hadnt gone off. That was my life saver this morning and i know that Master wouldnt be happy if i was late this morning. From now on i will double check and set my alarm for the morning before i even call Him so that way i know for sure it is set to alarm only on the ring. But pt started and it was a few exercises and then self paced run. Of course cityslicker(new nickname for the evil instructor that we all say has no life and nothing better to do then yell at us for the randomest things. he enjoys yelling at us over the stupidest things) was there and yelling at us that we werent sounding off loud enough, but it was his fault because none of us were sure if we could sound off after his comments about pt yesterday.
   Pt started with the self paced individual run and i ran. I have to admit that i may be finding an ice pack somewhere because my knee is starting to bother me a little more then usual. i think this is because it is starting to get colder and it doesnt help that i stepped on it wrong(well not wrong but a little bit too hard when i was doing sprints the other day) and it is still feeling hurt and just out of it. I ran though and when we finished our bus pickup time wasnt until 0815 which meant to be there at 0800 which meant ropes accountability was at 0745. This was too late for cityslicker, he decided to change our time to 0730. Our whole flight had about 50 minutes to get food(along with like 4 other flights trying to get through and get food at the same time) and then get 4-6 people showered and dressed. It was almost impossible to us all and we thought it was a bunch of bull that he was having us out this early. No lie, we stood outside and waited 45 minutes for the bus to show up and oh...the instructor that wanted us out so early didnt show up himself for another 20 minutes after he had us get there. i wasnt too happy.
    So we left him and headed to the mock base that we have here where some training is. It's amazing because it really does look likes its own little base and there is even a real live correctional facility for the trainees and airman that do wrong on the base. It's small, but it still works. Anyways, we headed into different groups with the instructors and talked about domestice disturbances. It was crazy listening to the statistics about how many happen in a day and how many people are killed by a spouse every minute. I couldnt believe it, but i know with Master that i will never be one of those statistics. He may be mad at me for something or get upset, but i know without a doubt that He will never hit me in anger or from being upset. He will cool down first before even talking to me and then deciding what should be done from there.
   I got to be the actor today for our groups domestic disturbances. I had so much fun doing this because it let me let loose my rebellious side. i swear that if Master had been here and been one of the people coming into these scenarios, my butt would have been whooped if i had tried resisting Him like i did a couple of the people. I have marks on my wrists from one of the guys that i put up a good fight. i was compliant until he went to put the handcuffs on and that's when i fled the room. i fled into a room that didnt have an exit though and thats where i ran into trouble. After i had the cuffs on, i was still being feisty. i honestly was imagining this guy was Master who had the cuffs on me and i struggled some. He threw me into the wall and had me stand there and of course my smart mouth was able to be used here. I got to relieve an itch from both of smart mouth and my rebellious side.
   I dont think i would ever smart off to this guy as a cop though because he is rough with the handcuffs. The marks i have left are because he decided to be rough with me because i was resisting. i refused to walk with him after i was handcuffed and then went to run away. What can i say?? Hehehe....i really was thinking it was Master with the cuffs on me. i was having so much fun and loving every minute of this acting. i couldnt believe that i was actually able to run and resist and everything. The instructor for me and my partner (or pretend spouse) told the two of us that there were no holds barred on this day. He wanted to see what we would come up with and threw a loop at all the people that came through. The loop i threw this guy was that i just wasnt going to be compliant, then id appear compliant, then go back to being stubborn and resistant. It took the fight out of my system for the time being.
   The rest of the day was fun with me and my pretend spouse going through different scenarios from a couple fighting over too much money being spent to an alleged affair after coming back from overseas. It was crazy and the last scenario the instructor got in on. All four of us that were suspects caught the cops off guard and i ended up being on my knees, ready to be handcuffed when the instructor pulled out a weapon on the cops. He wanted in on one of the scenarios and i guess the last one of the day was the one that he wanted in on. Either way it was crazy and good fun. i think total today cops killed was like four or five because they got so drawn into a situation that they werent paying attention to me and i was able to sneak off and get my knife or pull out a gun and shoot them. It was crazy but amazing fun. i had so much fun being bad and running from the cops and just being plain mouthy in general. It was my one chance to just be mouthy and not worry about anything that happened.
   So after finishing up the day playing the rebellious suspect and victim, our team headed back to the dorms. It seemed that today was our lucky day because our instructor said he would brief us at our accountability tonight. It was amazing to be finishing the day before 1700 because normally we werent getting done until after 1700 because our team had to stand around and wait for our instructor to get there, but not today. We were extremely lucky.
   Heading back to the room, i took a shower and got ready for the afternoon. i felt like i just needed to get out of the dorms for a little bit after a long day at work and i needed to check out a place here on base. It was supposed to be like a salvation army for the military and i just wanted to check it out to see what they had. im not planning on buying any new things like a microwave or anything because i have one at home with my parents.
   Anyways, i headed out to check the place out with one of my friends. Since im still grounded from going off base until Master says otherwise, i had to find something to do. Me and my friend were talking about me and my Master when he revealed to me that he himself is into the lifestyle. He isnt like my Master and dominant in nature, but a switch. Of course, he wouldnt ever dominate me because for one i wouldnt let him and two he knows that i am taken by my boyfriend and Master. i talked with him and figured out that he likes and wants someone who is a switch in nature because he wants someone who is an equal to him. My natural thinking is a switch, which when i asked him and explained thats how i saw what he was saying, he agreed.
   The crazy thing is though that i love having two friends here that i can confide in and be myself around. i can answer Master like i have been craving to do, but just cant because of the people i am around. In all honesty, i dont think my roomie cares one way or the other because of how she is so i dont fear on that. i just am glad to have someone that i dont have to explain or answer questions if they were to hear or read something that Master sends me because with myself now owning a car and driving around, i cant text and drive but i still have to keep Master informed of what is going on. Like last night, He was asking me questions and i had my friend answer becasue she knew about Him and what my answers meant and everything. i just honestly feel like i am slowly and surely getting back to being the real me. Also i am glad that my friend now understands why i cant go off base after this weekend because he knows im grounded now(we had a talk and i explained how me and Master are----just that i am submissive and He is the dominant and our relationship is a lifestyle revolving around those personalities of ours).
   So today has been an interesting day and i cant believe that its almost over. i am so ready for this weekend though because during the week i feel like i dont get to talk to Master enough. i get to talk to Him after 2100 my time and by then i am getting ready to crash and am just pure exhausted from the stresses of the day. i feel bad and me and Him discussed it last night, its just i hate having such a short time to talk because its like we barely talk before im ready to pass out. Master understands that it is not me personally doing this, but that my body is just exhausted and we have made plans that we talk for long hours on the weekends, which i have no objection to because i would love to talk to Him for hours on end during the week if i could too. Oh well, you cant always get everything you want and this is just one thing for me. It will be worth the sacrifices in the end when we are married and working on our life together. Until then, i just have to suck it up and deal with it and continue to be the lil one He wants and dreams of.

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