Friday, October 1, 2010

Stress, Stress and more Stress

    Wow, what a day but lets just say i'm glad that He is around because i would have lost it while i was here. Things have happened lately that have set me into a "domme" mood  or mindset when these people blow up on me like they do. I guess to say something like that, i have to give a little bit of background instead of just jumping right in.
     The morning started out with pt. Let's just say i was a little uber exhausted from about 5 mornings in a row of getting up at about 415am. Normally i would be fine but we are constantly kept on the go and then i had to study all this week for the major test today. But anyways, we went for a run and lets just say it sucked. I hated myself because my running was horrible. It is not my strongest thing ever and i just felt so horrible. Anyways, the team circled back and then they put those of us who fell back at the front. Most of the team was encouraging and pushing us on.
     When we finished the run, i headed to get our gear and we were running back to the dorm. As we were running back, the team was running way too fast for those of us to stay with them. I asked them to slow down and i got a smart aleck response that i just needed to suck it up and deal with it because this was the military. I'm sorry but this is the military and what happened to the concept "i'll never leave an airman behind". I couldnt believe she was giving me crap about being slow did, but im pretty sure we are fostering team spirit here and not team breakdown. It wasnt just me that was having a hard time keeping up, it was her happy butt too. Which gotta love the irony, the only reason she was making these comments was because she was right behind the guy she's sleeping around with. Oh did i mention that she also has a boyfriend out there in the civilian world. It just irritates me that she could get onto me about asking to slow the pace down a little so those of us with shorter legs could keep up, but noooo...That was griping and complaining. She gets to sleep around with one of the males on the team just because she wants sex and is cheating on her boyfriend, but im the one that is the bad guy here.
   So i got fed up and told her to shut up for everyone to hear and that i was tired of everyone giving me crap. yes i understand i am slow, but that doesnt mean you can break me down for it. If you see me running slow, why dont you be like a couple of the wingman who actually stopped to talk to me and has even offered to help me out with my running. Instead of talking crap and running your mouth, why dont you step up and act like a freaking adult. It's kind of sad when you have people younger then you acting more mature then you. Grow a pair and freaking start acting your age!!!!!
     The rest of the day passed by uneventfully. I took my test and passed it and went on about the day. It was a short day for classes, but a long day with everything else going on. I just hated it, but thankfully i got some good news mixed with the bad. Unfortunately no rest for the weary and we get to move tomorrow afternoon. It's going to be a long day but thankfully i can sleep on sunday. I wont be able to get my car this weekend, or its a strong possibility it wont happen. Oh well, who knows i may talk to car guy and see if my offer is still good for an automatic version of the car. If not, i can wait til next weekend when i can wear plain clothes to go buy my car.
     Anyways, that was my day in a nut shell. I wish it was easier because i miss Him horribly, but thankfully i can talk to Him. For now its phone calls and video chats with yahoo. I just am so ready to be back home and in His arms and at my place. Until then, i'm stuck here being His lil one.

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