Thursday, September 30, 2010

Could Today Possibly Get Any Worse?

   Wow, it seems this week just isnt going to be my week really and i hate that fact. Ugh!!! Have you ever just had a moment where you were craving your loved one and all you needed was for them to pull you close to you and just hold you tight? Well i'm having that moment right now. i'm desperately craving Him and just having Him put His arms around me and pull my face up to Him and just let me know that everything will be all right and not to worry. It's just so hard not to worry with everything that i'm facing over this weekend and how my day went today. It just seems that we cant get a break with anything we do around here. :(
    So i guess the best place to start is the first part of the day where we got off on a decent foot. We fell out this morning at 420 which is so extremely early. All the other people werent forming up until 445, but our head rope claims that 15 minutes extra of sleep wont do anything. Not to gripe and complain (okay maybe just a little bit), but 15 minutes does do a lot of wonder when you are already exhasuted and running on your last legs and have pt to do and class all day. Anyways, we fell out and got to pt. I felt like crap this morning and so did my roomie. I think the mutant mold growing in our bathroom is making us sick, or our bipolar air conditioner system.
   Anyways, we went and did pt and i got sick the whole time. i pushed myself and ran about 4 laps which 1 lap is 0.62 miles. I ran a while but, ended up getting sick to my stomach part way. I have a feeling it might have been my dinner, but i think it was also the feeling of being sick and our room. I had a stuffy nose and somewhat sore throat (but it went away) and a slight cough. The sore throat may be from the sounding off (or screaming your head off for counting or answering here), but the stuffy nose is probably from in here. Our room just cant make up its mind on what it wants to or cold. there is no in between for the room.
   Well we finished pt and i finished running without stopping, but a couple times to be sick. We left to get breakfast and the line was packed. I couldnt believe how crazily packed it took me like twenty minutes to get food and get back to the dorms. I had maybe 15 minutes to shower and eat and get my stuff put up in my room. I couldnt believe it, but i had it long enough to get in and get wet and then wash. It was crazy because i hate being all nasty and disgusting. Oh well, such is life around here. BMT style showers.
   After showering, it was time to fall out. I couldnt believe that it was such short time, but it was. We headed out to class and already this morning we had screwed up. We came into the wrong area and was facing the wrong way. Ugh, not a good start and i could tell it was going to be a long day. After getting all sized up, we got our weapons and spread out. We were learning weapons tactics and how to do certain blocks and defensive moves. The instructor didnt like our motivation so we got yelled at for that. Been there not even an hour and already got yelled at for it.
     The rest of the time passed by fast and then we went into lunch. Lunch was interesting and there was almost a fight. Two guys decided to be stupid and almost got our entire flight phased down. Let's just say that the rest of the day we got yelled at and lectured about how we are a team and everything else. I honestly hate lectures, but these arent as bad as His are. His lectures are even worse then the ones here. I guess it was just more infuriating to me then anything else. I was mad because people are still acting childish and just should have learned how to grow up by now. Ugh, this kind of stuff sucks because it puts a bad label on the rest of us and is holding the rest of us back from being able to do what we are supposed to be doing.
     After finally getting dismissed for the day, we found out this afternoon that on top of another early day tomorrow we are going to have a long weekend. This weekend we are doing a pt test at 0600, details at our classroom building because of someone's stupid vandalism, and then moving on top of that. So i am not going to really get any sleep this weekend until at least Sunday, although Sunday im supposed to be going to get my car. I have a feeling that we might be getting phased down and the car wont be yet. Ugh...stupid people....
   My life it seems is controlled lately (at least here) by how stupid people can act. I just wish they would get their act together because its getting frustrating just listening to the same people get in trouble over and over again or be disrespectful to the instructors or student leaders. I would think people would be able to act their age or even a little more mature with having military background, but here has proven me wrong. Oh well, tomorrow is a new day maybe it will be different.
    AFter a day like today i was ready to cry because i missed Him so much. He really is my comfort after a long hard day of getting yelled at and chewed out left and right. He knows just what to say to calm me down is always there for me whenever i need Him no matter what. I love you so much Master and cant wait tobe back by Your side. Until then, i guess i gotta keep trudging along here and making You proud. wish me luck on my test tomorrow because i want to make You proud again just like i did with my last test. :) See you soon....

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