Friday, October 29, 2010

Such a lovely day...

   Have  you ever had a miscommunication with someone???Well as of today, i had a major communication that led to someone being labeled like they shouldnt have been. i am glad though that we live in a society where most people are taught to talk things out and approach the other person. Me being the type of personality that i am, it is very hard for me to confront someone no matter who they are. Anyways...back to today. There has been a person who was said to be hazing me. In fact, it was a major miscommunication on all levels and this said person was approached by some staff and said to be hazing me still. Throughout the whole process of me talking to others about the problems and dilemmas i was facing, i never once said that i was being hazed. It was more that i was just finding the situation difficult and emotions were a little high. It even threw me through a loop when someone used what others were doing to me as hazing. Now dont get me wrong, the whole thing with my shoes and all was in fact hazing. i wont disagree with that one there, but with this one person in particular it was just a major miscommunication and she was batched in.
   So i found out today that i really do need to work on my communication skills. Not just with people here, but also with Master because there have been miscommunication issues between us where things have been said and should have gone one way but went the other. i learned this valuable lesson that it applies to every aspect of my life. Yes i jumped the chain and probably shouldnt have, but i will address that if it needs to be addressed at a later date. Me and the person who was said to be hazing me that in fact wasnt, came and talked with me tonight. She used to be my roomie and the other person that was involved in the original hazing incident. She had nothing to do with anything, but things were said one morning and come to find out it was in frustration and it was thought that i had left. Things were viewed differently. But the two of us talked and i apologized for the miscommunication on my end and the two of us now have a fresh start. i honestly felt proud and good about myself and hope that Master likes this too because the two of us talked it out.
   Anyways, back to the rest of the day. i got in trouble this morning after taking my test for leaving a pencil on the desk. We have bad forms here and for the first time in my whole time here, i had a 341 pulled for a bad reason. It got pulled because i didnt turn in my pencil after the test and we do a critique after it to where you cant have any writing utensils. There is no excuse for me as to why i missed it or anything, but i feel bad that it happened. All i can say after talking with Master about it is that i need to really start paying even more attention to detail then what i already am. i think most of it was that i got a bit comfortable in my environment here and that was a shock to wake me up and let me know that im still here and not done yet.
   The test today was horrible....i felt that i didnt do as well as i should have, but i tried my hardest and thats what matters to Master. i am glad that He understand, but i know i will do better on the next test. just seems to be a mixture of good and bad. i cant wait til tonight because we are planning on going to check out a really good steakhouse here. i cant wait because i love their mac n cheese and everything. Cant wait.... :D lots of fun for sure.
   Wonder what this weekend will bring with plans for packing for bullis and other things. Oh well, should be fun as long as i keep Master informed and keep my phone charged.

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