Saturday, October 30, 2010

Yet Another Nonadventurous Day

   It has been a pretty non eventful day other then my being locked out of the bathroom for yet another night. It seems that today has been full of doing nothing but sleeping and watching three of my friends wrestle each other on the floor tearing socks off. It was quite funny to watch, but i stayed out of it to keep from getting injured because im already suffering enough as it is. Oh was pretty boring for the most part aside from me getting to talk to Him and just talking with my family. They dont know it but all of them, Him included are what keep me getting through the day. Now back to talking with Him and relaxing. Hopefully tomorrow will be better....

oh, i forgot to mention that today was the first time ive fully watched the neverending story and falkor looks so much like a huge fluffy doggy that i love it. :D

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