Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Such a wonderful day of exploration

   Today was such an amazing day partially because i learned a lot of new information. For the first time in a long time, i feel practically giddy with excitement. Well not just giddy, but playful too. I even told Master what i got to do today, without going into detail for Him. I couldnt believe how much fun it was :D
   So the day started out on a good note with us getting in line for breakfast this morning. We were out right on time and our team was lined up at the doors. We found out that we didnt "have to" eat breakfast there because there was no accountability. All of us just had to be falled outside for formation at 0700 to leave at 0715. It was going to be a long day, but thankfully an early day. We all love when we have early days because then we can nap or whatever.
   Anyways, me and my roomie came up with the plot to pretend like she left her card back in the dorm. We were "going back to get it" when we walked back to the dorm. They couldnt say anything because technically we did fall out and we were there for the time and waited to go in and get breakfast. So we did do as we were told and i honestly dont believe the crap people are talking about when they say "oh the first sergeant can pull the scans and look at them and see who ate and who didnt". To me that is a load of balogna and i will admit that to anyone. There is no way that they are going to sit there and go through the scan sheets of 1400 students to figure out which one of us didnt eat and which ones did for a certain meal. It's not that big of a deal anyways, it's not like we're getting the money from it for our food anyways.
   So after heading back up to my room, i had a quick breakfast and then lay down and took a nice nap before class. It was so amazing laying there and just relaxing. But before too long i had to get up and head out to class. Today was going to be a good day, but i had no idea how it was going to go because i didnt know what we were doing.
   We get to class and i learned that we were going to be doing handcuffing and searches. Man you can imagine my excitement because here was a job where i got to play with handcuffs and have someone handcuff me. I honestly was excited to find out what it was like to wear a pair of handcuffs, but the searching i wasnt too excited for because there was going to be someone else all up in my junk. There is only one person that is allowed to be all up in my junk and He is a thousand miles away from me.
   We started the handcuffing procedures and we switched off and on as our instructor told us how to handcuff someone and then started showing us how to search them while they are handcuffed. Let's just say the first time i had the pair of handcuffs on, i tried figuring out how to get out of them and if i could. I couldnt get out of them, partially because she had made them tight. I loved the feeling they created though. I had them on and my thoughts were off in another world all my own. My thoughts were of Him and imaginging that He was the one in control of the handcuffs and could do anything He wanted with my body. It was weird having a chick do it, but i was honestly picturing Him the whole time.
   The second part on the searches was the extremely personal part. The person searching you got all up into your junk. The reason for this is that sometimes people have hidden stuff in those areas. We were told of a story about two females who had 22's stuffed up in there. My first reaction to that is ouch and i cant believe that happened. I still cant believe someone would stick something like that up there. It was crazy....but back to today. This chick was getting all up in my junk and just getting all personal with it. We had to create a "saw" with our hand and use our thumb to go from the tailbone down to the front area where their junk was resting on our thumb. It was crazy having it done to me while i was helpless to stop it. It made me think of something He would be doing to me and just having fun.
   Well, i have to say that i found something out that was shocking today. I never would have thought this, but i found that i kind of liked having another girl search me there. I couldnt believe it....i have never before in my life been attracted to another girl, but for some reason today i could find myself okay with another girl doing anything. Like before i swore that i was purely straight, but now i wonder. I wonder if it is just the environment i am in with all the hormones running wild and the fact that i havent had sex in almost 4 months now...Anyways, i feel that im not bisexual or gay in any way. I guess i feel that if my Master wishes for me to try that at some point, i would do it for Him. I have found that something i would have declared totally out of my norm, isnt so much out of the norm for me anymore. Like the picutre i put on my blog the other night when talking about the plans for Christmas, He asked me how it made me feel. I was ashamed to admit and havent thought of how to tell Him that i kind of felt turned on by it. It was a hot and sexy picture.
   But that was my shocking thought for the day. It wasnt a normal thought for me and i realized that i am turning into His lil one more and more everyday. The longer i am away from Him, the more i find myself thinking about His desires and His wishes and they become my own. Yes, i still do have an opinion and voice, because im not mindless, but there are certain things that if He wishes me to do it, i will do it. An example of this was the other night when He asked me about piercings and if i would ever get something done or my belly button. I honestly think that i will get my belly button done again for Him and if He wishes me to get anything else pierced, i will do it for Him. I know it will hurt, but it is something that i can deal with. I wonder if He would like any other piercings on me????
   The rest of the day passed in a craze. I couldnt wait to find myself talking with Him tonight. He is an amaznig guy and is always impressed with what goes on. Plus i couldnt wait to tell Him all about my fun with the handcuffing today. My one thing i learned was that if me and Him ever play with handcuffs, ill have to wear something around my wrists cause the handcuffs today left a mark and they werent even too tight.

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