Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Wandering thoughts in a day full of boring blahness

   Today was so hard, but yet its almost gone. The thought of You crosses my mind so much that i'm surprised i can concentrate. You are the one thing i miss moer than anything in the world. My dreams at night are kept peaceful with the images of You all in them.
   I long for those sweet caresses and gentle kisses that i remember so well. Images of every intimate moment replays through my head. Everytime, all i see is the love and passion between the two of us. Our love issnt just a physical connection between two people that have such a powerful love. I know the love between us will never die because our relationship can handle the stormy weather.
   Right now there are what feels like millions of miles separating us. You always have yielded the control even from afar. That is why it was so easy to fall in love with You because You had that control, but didnt abuse a single ounce of it that i gave to You. To You i bared not just my whole self,, but my whole soul too. You know all my secrets and even know the darkest ones that i havent told anyone. The safety and secruity i have with You is seen by everyone in how we interact with each other. The love is clearly noticeable between the two of us with how we hold hands in public or the smile that is always on my face when im with You.
   My world has constantly changed since before i can even remember. My household has steadily changed from losing so many people in my high school at such a young age to car accidents to my parents moving out of my childhood home. I thought i was going to go nuts with how much i had experienced in such a short time. You made me realize it all wasnt as bad as i had made it out to be. You, Sir, made me realize there were better things in store for me.
   When we first started talking, i felt so unsure because i had never felt this way about anyone before. You knew how my personality was and never once took advantage of me. Being passive in nature has gotten me stepped all over in the past. But with You, things are different. I never once have had to worry about being hurt by You. My comfort level was very high with You from the start because You had no fake appearance, being completely open and honest.
   Life rolls on and being here has made me cherish You all the more. I miss the little things You used to do like waking me up by tickling me or wiping away my tears when my parents made me cry. You have always been there for me from the beginning and i know You will always be there for me in the future too. Our future seems brighter with plans for a collar and a ring. Both will make me such a happy lil one.
   Even though we only had about two months together before i left, it felt like forever. Being with You was the happiest time in my life. I struggled some with my new knowledge and to remember the rules we had set. It was hard because you were teh first person that had this kind of control over me. You know my emotions, actions, and how i respond to certain things. The way You know me just by that is so amazing.  My body is Yours to do with as You wish although i cant guarantee that there wont be any kind of mini rebellion from me. I have my wild streaks every once and a while, but for the most part i am a good lil one for You.
   I only hope that i can make You proud as we go into the future. My happiness is Your happiness and Your happiness is my happiness. Being Your wife and submissive will be an amazing thing. You are an amazing Master and i love You. You were my first Master and will be my only Master. Thank You for everything You have taught me so far. Every day i notice a new part about myself slowly emerging from the shell that i was in. I hope You see the butterfly You created because it has only just taken flight. I know there is much to learn from You, but for now i love just where i am.
   I miss you so much and cant wait to see You again. You are my happy thought everyday. Making it through the day just to talk to You makes everything bearable. Knowing You are simply  a phone call away makes it easier for me tomake it through the long days and being away from You for so long. This military life is new and i know it will be hard at times. I only hope You will understand if i forget some of my training from You because of my military training. It's not You because a lot of my military training will contradict Your training. That is mainly here because once we move in together and are married, there will be no worry about that happening. I will be able to walk through that front door and no longer be Airman blah blah but simply lil one or whatever else You want to call me.
   The future shines brighter to me each and every day i'm away from You. I hope You know i will always love You and will always be Your lil one. Besides nopbody would give me those silly tingles like You do when telling me to do something with "that" voice. I look forard to learning more ways You make me tingle other then just commands.

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