Thursday, October 7, 2010

A Surprise for my Loving Master

   Sitting in class she simply thinks of Him and smiles. He is the man her heart and soul and mind belong to. She finds herself thinking naughty thoughts and wonders what He would think of the wandering thoughts in her head. Would He laugh and call her a naughty lil one or simply be shocked at how weird they seem? She didnt know and didnt care because all she knew was He was in them.
   Thinking back to the first day they started talking, she wonders how lucky she was to find Him. At first she was shy and extremely reserved. In this kind of life, being reserved when you first start talking to someone is not a good thing because you have to put yourself out on a limb. She had done exactly that. Talking with Him, she felt an odd sense of security. She knew there was something different about Him, but couldnt quite place it. The two of them talked about what they liked and didnt like. They said goodbye, but she felt a strong pull to Him. Tossing and turning, she couldnt get Him out of her head. Somehow she knew before long she would gladly surrender it all to Him. He was the first to truly pay attention to the real her and not use the power behind the position He had with her. He got to know the real her instead of making her into someone she wasnt.
   Innocently day dreaming of Him in class and all the things He would do to her causes an instant reaction. She crossers her legs or fidgets to hide the wet area that continues to grow in her pants. She tries to be a good girl and ignore those nasty thoughts in her head, but living in a man's world that is just too hard to do. Try as she may, she just couldnt keep her good girl thoughts. The more she thinks of Him and what He has done and could do to her, the more that spot grows. She hears comments like "I have duct tape and i'm not afraid to use it" or here they teach you about how to handcuff someone. All of those things send her mind off on a little day dream trip about Him.
   In class she finds herself one of the few disciplined enough to listen to the ropes that are in charge. SEcretly she knows it's beacause it's not them she is really listening to but Him. He is the one she sees when they talk about discipline and how we should have it. Not moving when at attention is her biggest challenge here. She finds it hard sitting still for a long period of time due to her restlessness nature. Fighting that urge, she imagines attention as one of His positions for when she is in trouble. Can she not move for the set time or does she move and receive punishment? That is the ultimate decision for her. It takes all her strength to fight her nature in order to please Him.
   Herbody isnt hers anymore as it now belongs to Him. He is the one who controls it all: heart, mind, and soul. He can tease, tempt, and torture to His hearts content because in the end knowing she pleased Him is the greatest reward. Hearing His sighs or those lovely commands from His mouth make her tingle all overi n ways that she couldnt even begin to describe. The tingles she felt can only be described as a head to toe funny feeling.
   Thinking all of this, she realizes she knows exactly what He would think about the naughty thoughts---He would most definitely call her a naughty lil one and laugh. He might even take a few ideas from her naughty thoughts. Finding herself thinking of Him and the paint stirrer and the belt, she squirms. Remembering her first couple of spankings, she squirms even more. A part of her hates the spankings, but a part of her likes them too. She knows when He gives her one, it is for a good reason and to help correct her. He usually givers her one when she has stepped out of line or is just having a stubborn moment. Thinking on spankings makes her crave one so desperately. Being away from Him, she hasnt had any kind of contact like that. She needs the correction, she needs to know that He is in control even though she already knows He is. It's the craving or desire for that touch or that reinforcement just to remind her who has the upper hand.

   Master, I wrote this in class today for You. My mind cant stop replaying getting home to You everyday and being able to walk through that door after work. I hate coming back to an empty dorm because it just doesnt feel as homey as a house for the two of us would. I cant wait to get back to You and spend time together. I know that no matter where life takes us, that we will make it. If the two of us made it together after this training then we can make it through anything. I love you with all my heart and soul and cant wait to really see what new lessons you teach me. I am ready to learn more from you and crave those new lessons. It is going to be so amazing finally being together.

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