Friday, October 15, 2010

What a day...

   Wow, today has been both amazing and just downright what the heck too. I have to be glad though that i have my Master in my thoughts and have already discussed a lot of this with Him. He knows my situation and knows about how i am trying to battle things that are against me here within my reasons.
   This morning started off with a door slam to the face and all for a simple "did you check our backpack" when a roomie couldnt find a lost id card. It's weird how things go from bad to worse, but it has been taken care of now. I talked with one of my ropes and explained the situation and asked what to do--whether to talk to them or if the situation was beyond my control now. After explaining it, she decided it was time to move. I grabbed my stuff and officially moved out of my room this afternoon.
    All of that this morning brought on a new discussion with my instructor. Come to find out what the team was doing to me, more the females then anything was hazing. I didnt realize it, but he viewed it as hazing when the problem was brought up to him after he had to be addressed because i was moving rooms. Its crazy how a few things can be hazing, although in my eyes i didnt see it like that. I just figured they were being more cruel and mean then they needed to be and i think Master just thought of them as being complete witches. Pure craziness and is probably why i dont get along with most females.
   The other good thing that happened today was i found out that a car im looking into is still available. Im so excited and cant wait to go check it out. Who knows, it might be mine either this weekend or the next depending on how things go. Im going to be really hopeful though.
   So today has been long and an early start, but i know this weekend will be better. I have an awesome new roomie and a new start to this part of things. Also im almost done with my training so thats even better. I cant wait to finally come home to Master everyday and wear His collar and ring and be His submissive wife. I love Him so much :D Sorry this is so short, but nothing really happened today...

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