Sunday, December 12, 2010

So close but so far away

    Wow, so amazing are the only two words that i can think of to describe the past few days. Not so much amazing, but breathtaking and unbelievable. The past six months to me seem to have flown by. I cant even believe that its already done and over with now.
   Master and i have been talking back and forth all day about various things we miss and just talking. I cant believe that i will be back in His arms again this Friday.Oh my goodness.....its pure craziness. Today was the first time i went shopping with Master on my mind(okay not really the first time but the first time dressing up it was). Well before i talk about the cute outfit i found...i have to tell about the first dress store that i looked in. Master and i have been talking about getting married here recently and the first placed i stopped in happened to be a wedding dress shop. I stopped in there just to look to see what they had and boy did i find the cutest dress ever!!!! It was like a summer type looking dress with a pale blue sash wrapped around it. The only problem was the color of the sash. Knowing Him, He would prefer to have red as the color on it and in all honesty i think im beginning to find my color preferences are  more to His liking.
   So after leaving that store, i texted Master and told Him that i had been looking at dresses. It was crazy how much of a smile it put on my face that i was looking at the dress knowing i would be wearing it someday soon. Anyways, i texted Him because we are planning on doing a small ceremony first with just us and then doing the big one for our families....well i want to look great for Him and i told Him this. I have no clothes whatsoever that really fit me and the size that i am now. (which Master and i have been going back and forth all day about how i feel so tiny.....He tells me it doesnt matter that i look amazing to Him but i dont feel completely tiny but my clothes size says i am). I got a black skirt that hugs a little tight and a red was amazing putting them on. A size small shirt and a medium skirt for me used to be unheard of. Before i left for the military i was bigger and would end up wearing either a large or extra large shirt in the type that i bought and the skirt would have been an extra large skirt.
   I cant believe the outfit i got but i cant wait to be back home with Him. That is my driving force to make it through the rest of this week. All i have to do is make it to Friday night and that is when i will be hitting that highway 20(or interstate 20 really) and head home to our bed and His arms. :D Oh man i cant will feel so good to finally be home again!!!!

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