Tuesday, December 14, 2010

What a time....

   Writing this, i find myself rushed for time...hoping and waiting not to be walked in on by my family that is driving here at this moment. Pure craziness....i am stressing somewhat or at least i was earlier but Master calmed me down and im good now.
   Normally i would think that families are supposed to be tight knit and just close or at least not have as many issues. But my family cant get that stigma right. As of right now, my aunt is on her way to the house because of a fight with my cousin. He may be liable to hurt himself and im left here struggling trying to figure out what to do in this whole situation...Master told me that He would kill my cousin too because of all that happened tonight, but i dont know.    
   ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~(last night)~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
   So today brings an advancement from all that was talked about last night. There is an update and thankfully my cousin is fine. I am glad of this because despite all that went on i honestly would hate to see anything bad come to him. So that situation is somewhat better....
   Today was a long day and i cant believe that there are only two more days until i am back in His arms. There are so many feelings and emotions going on right now that i just cant believe it. It's crazy that i have seen Him for a period of about three days during a whole six month time period. How i have missed Him so much and just cant wait to be back in those arms of His.
   He has been there for me always and after this week i have realized it even more. He is always there fighting for me and just there to listen when things in my household get to crazy and chaotic for me to handle. Without Him, i wouldnt be able to handle all these stressful situations that i have had to deal with. Who knows how much longer until i am in His arms hours wise, all i know is that there are two days left until i see Him and am snuggling in His arms. A part of me wonders though if i will have any part of my punishment that night or will it wait til the cabin???Who knows....ill have to let you know after it happens.

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