Friday, December 10, 2010

Today's the day!!!

Today is finally the day that i get to leave this wretched place that i have had to call home for the past six months and go back to where i really call home. These past few days this week have been a haze and blur full of running here and there to various appointments and then night operations that had me out until ten at night. Pure craziness for sure, but i made it!! Words never truer....i made it!!
   Master and i this week have had quite a few struggles. I have had moments where i was short and just a complete bitch to Him(as He put it) and i regret that. There were other things that led me to be completely witchy and it shouldnt have happened. There will be a punishment and i know this one will not be pleasant at all. There have been times in the past that i was short and witchy with Him during my training while He was trying to help me and it was wrong. He has always been there for me and i should know by now for sure that i should NEVER snap at Him when He is trying to help me. Now if i lived in a perfect world this would happen, but with this weeks stresses and mother nature and little sleep combined together----that leads to a combination of me being out of character.
    Talking with my mom and dad i can see the differences between the two of them and how they are treating me. My mom is still processing things with me and i think is still coming to terms with me being an adult. My dad on the other hand seems to understand and is even taking steps to help me out but not treat me like the baby that they used to. I have grown up a lot but i think my mother still doesnt see that. She really has yet to come to terms that i am fully on my own right now. She was even making comments about my car which i am proud of always no matter what people say. I got a good deal on it and even Master thinks so. He knew about the whole thing before it was purchased for sure. But she was talking about how its alright for a car and that she wishes i had waited but she guesses it will do. I hate that because its basically her being upset that i didnt do things her way. Master was joking last night saying it was going to be a power struggle between her and Him but i can honestly say right now that there is no such thing at all. The power is and always has been in His hands since the very beginning. She has no power whatsoever anymore!!!
   Anyways, back to today. I cant believe i finally get to leave this place and head home. I wont be fully home until next weekend, but at least i will be back home with Him. That is the one thought that will get me through this next week is that i will finally be back home again in Master's arms.

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