Sunday, December 5, 2010

Some days you just gotta be free!!

   Today has been one of the most amazing and busy days ever. I have gotten so much done today that i feel proud of myself. Today i did laundry, put my laundry up, packed some more things up, outprocessed from the library, outprocessed from the bx, grabbed food, and went to accountability and moved my car.
   I felt so accomplished that i had taken care of all of these. Master always loves it when i get alot done and i know i had Him somewhat worried because about the time He heard from me was when He should have heard from me. I was safe and sound however, but i have found that being in trouble and not having a car sucks majorly. I had my car but couldnt use it because of some major bull going on here with my instructor. Lets just say my mother was right when she said that there is a target on my back and my instructor isnt happy because the captain made him eat his words about me becasue i fought back. Yet again this goes to what i said last night, i dont care what or who it is...i refuse to go down without a fight.
   The excitement is growing so much in me that i cant stand it. i think that the hyperness is carrying over into my moods. I was talking with Master when i got back from accountability and bouncing all over the walls. I still feel bouncy and i have a feeling that i may get myself into trouble tonight. i dont know how long tonight is going to last...but lets just say i may not be staying at 300 spankings.
   Only 4 more days left until i leave here!!!!!!!!!!!So freaking awesome i cant wait....Today was exciting too because i looked up some apartments for the area where my base is going to be. Its exciting to realize that me and Master will be living in our own place here shortly. So amazing to know...cant wait and the funny thing is apartments down there have a patio with a secret area. I like it, but at the same time i know He will have a lot of fun with me too being able to take me outside and do whatever He wants.

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