Tuesday, December 7, 2010

A Long Day for sure....

   Yesterday was one of the longest days of my life if there ever was one. It started at about 530 in the morning and didnt end til about 1115ish at night. Then i had to be up again at 830 this morning for a stupid briefing. Oh well, the good thing is im almost done here so its nothing i have to worry about.
   The morning breakfast started off interesting. I asked for 3 biscuits with gravy and the lady asked me if i was sure because i was tiny. She felt i was too tiny to eat all of that stuff. It was hilarious and i laughed it off. Lets just say yesterday morning i was full of being too cold and just wanting to go back to bed and sleep alittle longer. But no....we had to outprocess medical as a flight. We did all of our outprocessing as a flight yesterday and let me just say i felt sorry for the people in those offices. They are more then likely used to people coming in twos and threes because that is how numerous teams before us have done things, but for some reason thats just not the case with us. My team has to be the special ones and do things the hard way.
   Funny thing is with yesterday i got all my outprocessing done and still had time to come back in here and relax. If it wasnt for us having to be out there for accountability at 1045 to make sure we all ate lunch, i would have been a lot better with things. It was stupid to make sure we all ate as a flight because our instructor said we were on our own. It's time that he lets people become an adult and take care of their own responsibilites. If they dont eat its their own fault because we left with plenty of time for everyone to get things done and then eat.
   Today is going to be even more hectic. Instead of patrolling just one area, we are now going to be patrolling two areas in order to finish our  night operations on time. Its crazy but i cant wait until this is over and my mother is here and i get to go home to Master. Im so ready to be back in His arms again and it is now almost a week away. This time next Friday i will be dreaming about getting ready to go back to Master's house and jump into those arms with my uniform and beret on. I hope He thinks its cute because i cant imagine wearing anything more baggier then what it is now.
   Tomorrow is going to be even more hectic and now i dont even know if i will have time to write with all theyre planning on throwing at us....Gah!!! I just want to scream with all these frustrations. It's so freaking cold and hot and cold and hot. I'm ready for it to finally be one temperature and one temperature only.
   Ugh, enough venting. I have to get my room in order and go grab some food downstairs before it is all gone or i dont get to eat because we have accountability. Gotta love having to eat with like twenty million teams all at the same time. I wonder if i should get some junk food today because i made need the sugar and all or if i should eat healthy???Hmmm...decisions, decisions, decisions. Seem they are never ending with me and always changing to something else. What can i say??Im a female and i tend to change my mind a lot...as im sure thats what this blog is representing today. Although that is probably more from lack of sleep then anything else. My body is saying its tired but i gotta keep going today and to top that off, i get to freeze my butt off until we get on the bus at 10pm tonight.....AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! Somebody get me out of here before i break!! Oh wait...i get out of here Friday!! oh well such is life... Will post again when i get somewhat more sleep and can think clearly enough to follow one thought.

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