Saturday, December 25, 2010

What a wonderful Christmas holiday this has been. I honestly can't believe it is here and gone. There has been laughter,punishments,surprises,tears,joy and much more. Crazy....just crazy.
The holiday season started with an amazing cabin trip that I enjoyed with Master. It was the most amazing time of my life despite the punishment I faced from my late night out back in tech school. It had been a long time coming and boy did those spankings hurt but I knew it was out of love. Master only did it because He loves me and wants the best for me. He has to teach me right from wrong and I learned ill never be late without calling Him again.
Getting back home, I was able to relax with Him and finish up our last bit of Christmas shopping. In all honesty I have never been as happy as I was this year for everyone to open their gifts. Master helped me in figuring out what to get everyone. He even made sure we were good money wise during the whole season. It was amazing being able to get everyone a good gift and not worry about making rent or where my next meal is coming afterwards.
Master and I had gotten engaged while we were at the cabin and I must admit it was amazing. Wearing the ring felt so amazing and I just couldn't believe it was really happening. I was His fiance. Wow what a word....fiance. Soon after Master woke me one morning with slow kisses and whispered in my ear "let's go get married". These words lit up my braiin and it was crazy.
Walking up to the courthouse, the two of us had major butterflies going all over our stomaches. If we weren't nervous before, we were sure nervous now. Walking into the courthouse, I couldn't believe I was finally going to be Master's wife. Standing there, reading those words made my heart melt and I found myself ready to break down in happy tears while Master just smiled at me. The love in His eyes was unmistakable and I knew He was always going to be there for me just like the vows say.
Walking out of the courthouse as His lil one legally now made me the happiest woman alive. He loves me so much and it can be found in every little thing He does with me and for me. That night was a mix of sad and happy though. Master loves tickling me and making me laugh, although sometimes its just torture. That night it was for amusement but for some reason I just wasn't into it. I whined for Him to stop and He did, but He also didn't touch me for the rest of the night. Master was only trying to make me laugh and I turned Him away and whined at Him. To Him it was like I couldn't stand His touch.
That night I slept horrible and felt so bad that I made Master feel that way. All I could do was cry and sob that I was sorry but no sound came out. Waking up the next morning felt amazing because Master wrapped His arms around me and woke me up with kisses. To me this meant forgiveness but I still feel bad that I complained about Master tickling me. Thankfully He is forgiving and loving and realizes my moods sometimes get the best of me.
The holiday season this year was a first of splitting it between the two families. First was with Master's and it was amazing. So many people in one place but they're hilarious. My family was today and that was an adventure in itself to be told another time.
But good news is now I get to plan an actual wedding ceremony :) lots of fun. I know it will be fine though with Master by my side keeping me sane when I have to go dress shopping with my mother. Lol. The future looks so bright and I love everyday as Master's new wife.

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