Thursday, May 5, 2011

Beginning of my new beginning lol

   I said before in a previous post that i was going to reexamine my likes and dislikes in the lifestyle and wow i can just say that a lot of it has changed from what i used to know. There are things that before Master i would just completely break down and say there was no way in hell that it would happen, but now im begging for it. He is the man of my dreams and is the only person that i would trust to do half the things that are listed. There are so many things that you could try doing that we havent even done. I guess the best place to start is dividing them up by category and seeing where i go from there. These are just ideas and will more then likely be discussed with Master, but for now i feel that i need to get out into the open what id like to try and what ive done with both intermixed...Hope the talk goes well with Master once He reads these or there is a comment on here. Let's get started on the may not be all inclusive either as im still finding out what i like and dont like.
-----list below is what i've tried or would like to try in the future with Master

Just to Experience It
watching a porn movie/show with Master
     i havent seen one before and id like to watch one with Master and maybe try to act something out that He'd like to see
1950s household
     our household already is a good bit like this :) i love it and i love when Master just enjoys being at home with me here
Victorian household
     this has similarities to the 1950s household style where the man is in charge but there are other things used such as corner time and other things...with the way i can sometimes come off as extremely bratty i like this idea of this kind of household very much or combining the two together...either way i like the ideas used by this lifestyle

Role Playing
fantasy rape
     only with Master and everything would have to be laid out because of my fears and past
     idk what exactly this would involve but seems interesting
     same rules with fantasy rape apply here too
prison scenes
     i love the idea of Master playing doctor or even medic on me and try to treat whatevers wrong with me

Sexual Play
anal play/anal sex
anal plugs/beads
anal plugs/beads outdoors
     under clothes and stays private
     seems hardcore but if He wanted to try it id go for it)
forced homosexuality(being used by friends)
     if He wanted me to do something with 2 certain people i would but they are the only ones)
genital sex(ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!!!!)
anal sex
     love this despite the pain its like a good painful sensation lol
hand jobs (giving & receiving)
     i like both because either way there is possibly a reward of some kind whether its His pleasure, mine, or
 both of us getting pleasure i dont care)
head(giving & receiving)
    same as above i love the way it feels when Master goes down on me...for the longest time i have wanted to squirt for Him but have yet to do so :( but its an awesome feeling making Him feel good and when He does it to me especially when they're both together)
    same as genital and anal sex!! i absolutely LOVE IT and love when Master just goes to town on me and messes with my head by pounding the hardest He can into my wet pussy oh man does it feel so good when He does that or with my legs over my head....mmmm getting ahead of myself lol)
     lol love it especially when its Master's because i know then that i have done a good job and He is completely satisfied)
talking dirty(talker/talkee)
     not sure about doing the talking because im not very good at dirty talk but i always love hearing how im such a naughty slut in my ear from Him
     i dont mind being tickled at all and He knows is definitely something i love
     i think these would be the death of me if they were used but right now we dont own one...who knows our toy cabinet may expand in the future
     this is a good part of the play aspect for me...its why i love playing hide and seek or chase with it...its the thrill and the fun for me trying to at least hold my own even if it is for a little bit

collars(in public)
     this is something i wouldnt do unless it was a casual piece of jewelry meant to act as a collar...the necklace i wear now with the two rings joined together to me symbolizes my collar and has not been removed unless it was for medical reasons
forced masturbation
     i couldnt necessarily do this at first, but i think now that at some point in the future if Master wanted me to do it for Him i would be able to do it although this wasnt the case when we first got together because i was so shy and would have been so nervous trying to do it
forced nudity(private)
     if it was just Master and myself or a couple of our friends i would be okay with it because they would be in the lifestyle, but im not one to be showing around other people and i dont think Master is either but i could be wrong
humiliation, verbal(public)
     this is a big turn on for is crazy how i can just get one look and be reprimanded so quick while others are around that they have no clue what's going not completely into being out and in the public's face but it turns me on to get in trouble and threatened with being spanked right then and there or get the "wait til we get home" look
modeling(for erotic photos)
     this case is one that in the past i would have been completely against it but in all honest i would have said i think it is kind of cool and would love trying it at some point....there is something thrilling about taking pictures just Master and i knowing that we would be the only ones to see it
outdoor scenes/sex
     as long as it was kept private this would be amazing....i would love to go camping with Master and just experience a punishment out in the wild where you can do whatever you want and nobody is going to be able to do a thing about it or you can have sex and be as loud as you want with nature to cover the sounds up lol

24/7 total power exchange
    now i love this and wish it was an everyday thing in our  me 24/7 means that we live it not just in the bedroom but in doesnt matter what we're doing i am always going to be His submissive and He my Master
     i used to think that it was above me to have to beg or plead someone for something but in all honesty i kind of like the idea of begging to be allowed to cum or having to beg for something from Master it really turns me on
chores(domestic service/housework)
     now that we live in our own house it is even easier for this to become an option in our lives...i kind of would like this to happen to where i have set things to do around my schedule and if they arent done or something forgotten there is a punishment for it....kind of like making sure the clothes are put in the dryer and folded and if not for every item i get five hits or something along those sure Master could come up with something creative
     with my shape not being the best right now, i hope that Master will implement at least a walk or something every night to keep up my current physical condition because it is my stress reliever and He has seen how stressed out i can get....this also keeps me from getting too unhealthy and out of shape
following orders
     i guess this goes without saying...whatever He says goes and i need to learn that...sometimes my stubborness gets ahead of me and i tend to argue, so i guess i need to learn more about patience on some things and realize when i need to fight my battles and when i need to leave them alone
hair shaving(body/genitalia)
     this has been a rule for the two of us since the beginning, but i have found that i have been sliding on it since i came out of my training for the military...crazy enough but i think that i need to get back to doing this especially with Master being able to use me and play with me a lot more in our own house
humiliation, verbal(private)
     enough said before when it came to the thought of humiliation verbal in public....i love the idea of it
     granted i may not be able to do it for long periods of time, but there are modified versions of it...either way i love when the moments happen because it makes me realize just where my place is and it just puts me in that right frame of mind....takes me back to lessons i learned from a story i read
lectures(for misbehavior)
     when you combine this with a spanking and put in the corner, oh is it a bad night for me....i hate being lectured especially when i have done wrong because it reminds me even more of just how much i have disappointed makes me feel even lower and i beg to take whatever punishment He would give me to escape the shame and low feelings my misbehavior has caused
     love giving them to Master because they make Him so relaxed and it feels sooooo good for Him
orgasm control
     enough said on this it when i can feel it coming and Master keeps holding me off until i dont think i can hold it anymore
     i love getting the punishments i deserve and sometimes love getting the reminders ones because it reminds just where i stand and that yes i may get bratty sometimes but i am not the one in control of things, He is
standing in the corner
     this is another humiliation thing for just takes me back to when i was a child and i was made to stand in the corner...i hate not being able to move or talk and this is a combination of both of those for this is a terrible punishment especially when i can hear something going on and i want to see it but i cant----like a good tv show

being bitten
     being bitten to me makes it all worthwhile because i can show off proudly the mark that my Master lets me know that im loved and that im His if He is willing to mark me with His own bite mark
belts(being beaten with one)
     i dont hate it but i dont exactly like it either...when faced with the choice to choose between this or a harsher punishment gladly choose this one
hairbrush spankings
     granted i hate it but love it at the same time....there is just something about how Master spanks me with it then uses it to play with my pussy more and more until i cant take it anymore...there's so much heat coming from my pussy and so much heat coming from my butt that it just overpowers me
sensory deprivation
     i love it when i lose the senses when Master is playing with first i didnt like too much the idea of losing the ability to see, but after experiencing it i realized that i loved being immobilized and not being able to see what Master is doing to turned me on that much more and made me jump with everything He did
     i havent officially been whipped yet because the one i got Master is just a play one, but i think it hurts like crap anyways i wouldnt want to see what the real one felt like....either way i like the way it feels but hate it at the same time...i think im slightly into pain but i cant do a whole lot of it
wooden paddles
     these just make me think of what it would be like being a sorority pledge and getting a spanking from the paddle as part of the intiation although i know that kind of stuff "doesnt happen" on college campuses, lol i know it does its just not talked about

     again i like the feeling of not knowing what is about to happen to makes it that much more sensuous for love to try it one night where im handcuffed together and unable to move and gagged and blindfolded and Master just has fun....i love the idea of a blindfold :)
     havent really tried any bondage yet but i would love love to see what its like to be tied up and unable to move certain body parts
    hmmmm....wonder what itd be like unable to move or tied in a certain position as punishment for a little sure Master could get real creative with this
cages/confinement(locked inside of)
    in all honesty in the past i would have completely flat out said no to this, but i find it funny in a would be something cool to try to at least say i tried it...i trust Master and know that He would keep me safe, but i honestly cant say flat out no to this idea anymore...i may laugh and tell Master no but id at least give it a try if He wanted to try it
     i wonder what these would feel like on me....always wondered what it would feel like and it just seems like something i could see myself in
closets(being restrained within)
     this just seems like fun to me...Master takes a few hours out of His day to tie me up in the closet for something i was supposed to do or some kind of punishment and plays with me and teases me for hours before taking me out and using my pussy as long as He can showing me that im His lil one to do with whatever He wants
cuff restraints
     to me these would seem weird wearing at first, but i think i would be able to wear them and get used to them...they kind of seem cool too
gags/mouth bits
     i like the idea of being gagged and that no matter how hard or how loud i try to scream...nobody is going to hear me except Master and He hears nothing but a muffled portion of whatever it is im trying to say or scream
     this would be amazing to feel what its like to wear my own handcuffs and be restrained by them...of course the only one to have the keys would be Master...besides you gotta wear your own cuffs to know how they work dont you?

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