Sunday, April 18, 2010

Softball Days are Always Fun :)

  Man today has been amazing and exhausting all at the same time. I woke up this morning early, ready to head to church and just enjoy things. I love beautiful days and was ready for the fun day ahead of softball.
         I was headed to work and had texted him good morning. My morning it seemed was going to get better. I felt amazing and couldnt wait to get my games over with. I felt tired though sitting in youth group and couldnt believe it was going to be a long day. I was texting him all through youth group to keep myself awake. I am glad that I have him because in all honesty I would have fallen asleep if it hadnt been for him.
   After youth group, i headed for the store with my friends. We had about an hour and a half to kill and didnt want to go to the ball field early. We walked around and I got an evil idea when passing by some UT things. I couldnt believe that I had an idea to send him a picture of me in a UT shirt. I just thought it would be funny, but I decided against it to not take a chance on things. I just didnt want to risk another bad punishment. Well I sent him a text message telling him I was thinking about being bad and sending him the picture but decided against it. It was funny.
        Well we went from the store to the ball field and began to warm up for our first game. It was funny because I didnt change til I almost got there, but I found I didnt really want to change. I wanted to wear a skirt while playing, but I also didnt want to flash everyone. I guess I just had a girly moment. I put my shorts on under my skirt, pulling them up to where you couldnt see them. It was fun because I started the game as an extra. I got traded into position, but after a couple minutes I was traded from outfield to play catcher. I can say it was highly amusing playing catcher in a skirt. I do admit that it's a good thing that I had put the shorts on underneath.
        I was excited for myself though when I got down to the bat. I was so ready to hit and knew that I had to do well. I watched the first one and it was a ball. The second one was a strike because I wildly swung at it. I knew I shouldnt have gone for it. I went for it anyways. Well the next one was a beautiful pitch. i remember seeing it hit the bat and running lik wild. I apparently had a good hit that came out of nowhere. i didnt get to run the bases very well with that one, but it was still a good hit.
       After our first game, which we lost, i ended up sitting on the bench the second game. I'm not happy about it, but I can understand that we had some extra players that needed to play. i just wish that I could have played too, but oh well. It was a fun day and it was amazing to watch my team come back as well as they did.
          Man, today has just been amazing and exhausting. I cant believe that it is almost over. Normally I cant really fall asleep until I've heard from him, but I think tonight will be an exception to that. I just feel so exhausted and tired from being on the go. Oh well, here's to a good week ahead. I know for sure I'll get to talk to him tomorrow afternoon when I get home from work or tomorrow night, depending on what he's doing.

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