Friday, April 16, 2010

Sometimes You Have to Put Forth Good Faith in Someone... I just dont know where to begin to describe the crazy day I have had today. It was mixed with greatness and I'm not sure what else. I just couldnt believe so many things happened in one day.
       I started out waking up. I couldnt believe how good it felt to sleep in today. Today was my first day of not having to be up at an early hour to get to work. I slept in and woke up to a good morning text and one checking on me because i hadnt replied to the good mornign text. It was sweet in my eyes because normally I text him about that time. i guess he had forgotten I got to sleep in, but then again I'm sure my sleeping habits may change soon anyways. But I woke up, got dressed and ready to take care of things. After getting changed, I relaxed for a little bit talking to him and putting my laundry up.
        This is where I lead myself to get into trouble. I was messing around and had been in a playful mood...well I got into a little bit of trouble here. I had already been warned earlier in the day to watch my mouth, because I honestly admit that I have a bad mouth when it comes to things and random cuss words will pop out of my mouth. I got in trouble with my mouth when I didnt openly admit that I had cussed to him. I told him simply nothing when he asked what I had said. I immediately regretted this when I felt him and saw him giving me the look. Oddly enough I have realized that I liked the idea of it before I was on the other end of it. Everytime I get that look from him it makes me squirm and I stop whatever I'm doing and just sit there fidgeting and just squirming because I know that look means I'm in trouble or I'm being warned to watch it that he's the one in charge not me. Well, the look today was the one of I'm in trouble. I got into major trouble for lying to him, not so much for cussing but because I lied to him and I'm not one to lie to him. I hated myself and felt so bad that I had disappointed him by lying to him. I think I learned my lesson tonight that I shouldn't play games abotu that sort of stuff and should have answered him.
       Well after getting in trouble, me and him talked and come to find out my punishment was what I was hoping it wasnt. He had mentioned before that I was going to be sitting in standard position for 30 minutes with no moving in bra and underware only if I had a really bad moment. Well, my lying today was my worst thing ever. I hate myself for it and all day today have found myself dreading the punishment, but I have also resigned myself to my fate. I did lie to him and I deserve to be punished for that. I kind of see it as if he didnt punish me, it wouldnt help me learn my place and know that I am the submissive and he is the dom in our relationship. I just hate also that I disappointed him. It kills me, I've only felt it when I've been in troule with him before, but it also helps that he lets me know I'm still his little one no matter what. I just am nervous and not sure because it seems a little humiliating to me for this punishment and I am nervous to see what he thinks of me. He's seen a picture of my body on Fetlife, but he hasnt seen it on cam and I'm afraid he may see it and not like something about it. But I guess there's only one way to find out by dealing with my punishment and taking it.
     Anyways....that was over with and I got ready and headed to work. I put my disappointment at upsetting him behind me and tried to enjoy the rest of the day. I headed to work and right before i got to work, the song that always reminds me of him came on. It was so hilarious because of that. I also heard my other favorite song stating that it was finally Friday. I just was extremely happy that it was Friday and that I had the weekend off. I get to enjoy it and then spend Sunday playing softball, which to me is relaxing.
      Work went amazingly well and fast. Before I knew it, I had finally gone through the day and made it through work without wanting to kill my manager. He didnt really say anything to me tonight. I'm glad that I made it through and I got about $25 in tips tonight. i have to admit that i sadly forgot to pick up my paycheck though so tomorrow I may be taking a road trip to get it.
        I finished up the night heading home after ordering some pizzas for my mom's work. I guess it was a good gesture. I got them two XL pizzas and an order of breadsticks for $20. It was pretty awesome for that price. Can't beat it. I got home and felt like in desperate need for a run. So I ate some dinner, killed time for about 30 minutes to let it settle and then went on a run. I realized real fast that pizza on a run is not a good idea. But I am proud of myself and that I finished about 2.5 miles in about 20-25 minutes. It was amazing. I love it. I cant believe how good it felt to run that long and just how much my body has missed all the miles I've put on it in the past.
        I hope that tomorrow will be better since I get to relax, but I know for sure that I have some errands to run. I'm just ready that I have the day off and he has it off too, or at least I hope so. Hopefully tomorrow wont be half mixed with emotions like mine.

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