Saturday, May 29, 2010

Dont You Just Love Them?

Man today just wasnt what I wanted it to be. I cant believe the mix of just being bored and disappointment. I cant believe how ready I am to get out of here. I love my grandparents, but it just seems that they dont really understand everything going on and aren't even trying really to do anything with me.

    Well, today started with me waking up at about 11:15ish. Actually, I was sort of awake but not really. I didnt really sleep last night, but I was up for a good while talking to him. I cant believe how amazing it was talking to him for so long last night. We talked for a good three hours and it seemed like there was still so much to talk about. I do have to admit that I am ready to be back in his arms. I miss him so much that it's crazy. I know that the next couple days will pass by fast and then I'll be back in his arms again.
    Anyways, I woke up and got in the shower. I decided to take my laptop into the shower because I was just feeling really cheery and upbeat. I felt rested, even though I had slept good for the most part. I just knew that it was going to be a good day (little did I know how wrong I was here) and was in such a happy mood. I hopped in the shower listening to the playlist for him and singing along. I swear if my grandparents were standing outside the door they would have been laughing at me as well as him. He would have thought it cute, but he would have been laughing too.
    I finished up my shower and got out and was getting ready for the day. I had decided I was going to wear a nice tank top shirt, but decided since we were supposed to be going out for dinner tonight that I was going to rock out the Georgia tshirt. I love sporting it because I feel so proud supporting a team finally. I have watched football for a while, although I still dont know much about it, and never really had a team to support. I like supporting the same team as him and I love it. I continued getting ready for the day and started on straightening my hair. About that time, my grandfather came down the hallway looking to check in on me. I guess he felt that I'd be sleeping the day away. Last time I visited, I would normally be sleeping still because it was what i was used to being a college student, but now that I'm fixing to leave for the military I only sleep as long as I catch up on my sleep.
    I finished up and headed into the living room area. It seemed that my grandfather still wanted to play on the computer and he was looking up something for his patches as far as I could tell. It's weird and crazy that I get picked on for being on my computer so much, but all he does is either look up the news which he has already watched or look up his patches from old army uniforms. I love that he has a hobby (and this is one that someday could be worth a lot of money), but sometimes I feel like he should be wanting to spend more time with me while I'm down here. I came down here to spend time with him and grandma before i head off to basic and it seems I've been left to my own devices, almost like I'm back home relaxing in my apartment.
    Anyways...he was playing on the computer so I headed into the living room to relax and just watch tv and play on my computer. I had decided to start on one of my tasks that he had given to me to do when I came down. I found a few good deals, but the best one I found was a hotel that I delivered too. I couldnt believe that I found it with the prices at $25 a night. It was an amazing deal and the price I was estimating would be $100 with taxes and all. I hope not, but either way it's still better then paying $150 for a hotel for three nights. I also worked on the second part of my task of looking up flights for him from Nashville to Atlanta. I cant believe it, but i couldnt really find anything that was in expensive. Most of them I found were about $270. That was a lot of money, but I guess he can afford it. I just hope that he can book either one of them because that's a lot of money to be spent at once. I cant believe it, but I hope he can because it wouldnt be good if I wasnt able to say goodbye to him.
    Well, enough about dwelling on dark thoughts of not being able to say goodbye to him. I dont even want to think about having to say goodbye. I spent the whole day on my own, playing on facebook and texting him. I hate that my days have been reduced to that because if I had known that this was all I was going to be doing, then I wouldnt have come down for so long and would have been able to get back to his arms sooner. I hate being away from him because it's harder to be his lil one and take care of him when I'm away, but I know I cant help it. I cant wait to get back to him, but I'm glad that he is able to text me because these next two days are going to fly by.
    After texting him off and on all day, I decided to talk to my grandma and find out if we were going out to eat tonight. We were supposed to have a celebratory goodbye dinner. Well, that didnt happen at all. My grandfather was asleep and my grandmother had already started some pizza in the oven. I couldnt believe how horrible this night was turning. I was so upset and disappointed because it just seems this visit has gone more and more downhill. The only good part is at least I get to see them before I leave for basic. I was so upset because it seemed all I got was walked all over and just brought down. But, my grandmother told me that whatever I wanted we would go get it because I didnt want to eat pizza after working around pizza all the time.
    We headed out to the store because she also had to make a stop at WalMart to grab some benadryl for Joey. We talked a little bit and it frustrated me after I told her how grandpa was acting and all. I told her that we hadnt gone fishing because he had been upset about me having my phone on me. Well, she adamantly said that my phone is my security blanket and she could see what he meant. She even said that the recruiter wouldn't go crazy if he couldnt get a hold of me for a few hours. I dont think she realizes that with that and being thirty days out I have to make sure I have a way to be contacted. I also have to keep it with me because with the meeting on Tuesday coming up too, he may call to let us know what to bring or anything of that sort. I also make sure to keep it on me because he prefers me to carry it with me to ensure he has a way to keep in contact and he knows that i'm safe. I cant explain that aspect as it would open up to other things, but i know that is more the main reason why.
    I blew it off and we went into Walmart and got the shopping done. I was laughing because I realized as we were walking into the store that we were in Gator country and I was wearing a Georgia tshirt. This was like treason in this area but I could care less. It was hilarious though getting funny looks as people saw my shirt and just looked at me like "how dare you wear that shirt here". Oh well, I am proud to rock out my Georgia shirts and am proud to wear them, especially because I know he likes them and it makes me feel like he is with me when I'm away from him, which is on top of me always having his ring to remind me he is always with me (not that he isnt but its a visual reminder for me, almost like a collar or his hickey was).
    We headed to Wendy's and I got a chicken club sandwich. I was hungry and hadnt really eaten all day other then some goldfish are two. I knew I needed to eat and he even told me that I needed to make sure I got something filling. I knew that I also needed something that was decent with some fat, but also good for me too. Well, my dinner choice wasnt exactly good for me, but with all that I had on it and it was mostly chicken and ketchup and mayo, but it was still better then what I could have gotten like a burger or something. I ate a few fries, but waited til we got home to really dig into my food and eat it. I was starving, but I wanted to wait til i was home to eat.
    We got home to find my grandfather awake. I asked him if he had a nice nap and pretty much got my head eaten off. He looked at the bag with this scornful look on his face. I knew what was coming after that, but it still shocked me when he was like "thats just what you two need". I couldnt believe that he was scoffing at our dinner. Yes, I may not be tiny like a stick but i am healthy for my weight and active. If I wasnt active and overweight, then he would have a place to say something. I hate that he has to comment on my eating habits. I dont normally have a problem with it and I'm not usuall the self-conscious type but it's like my every bite is scrutinized and I get made fun of. It's like the other day when I was told that I had a big butt that was making my jeans tight or that I ate too much. I just hate how he judges me because he is the one used to eating only once a day. I just cant do that, but I also have to realize that I need to make sure I have something with sugar two to three times a day to prevent myself from getting light headed. Oh well, I have a feeling that he wont ever understand my eating habits or anything else. He is just too stubborn and opinionated and I just need to learn how to tune it out like i do other things.
    Enough venting about him...tonight just seemed to drag on forever, but I am thankful that it is almost over. I know I wont be able to sleep tonight until I hear his voice, but knowing he is safe for know makes it alright. I know he isnt in service range right now, but I'm sure I will hear from him periodically. I just hope I do because if not, I dont think I'll sleep. I just hope tomorrow and Monday pass by faster, because it seems that I'm too much of a burden while I'm here to really pay attention to. I just cant wait to be back in his arms and to be his lil one. I cant wait for that writing to come true and give him the rest of his surprises. I have a couple drawings for him to see, but there is one that is really important to me. Let's see what tomorrow brings.

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