Monday, August 23, 2010

Final week which means You are almost near....

   Yay!!!! Graduation week is finally here!!! I think i never thought this day would come fast enough, but it is finally here. This week is one of the most important events in my life because it is the final step in the first part of my step forward in life. Thanks to Your help in reassuring me that i can make it through this and working on my new life, i'm amazed at the changes that will be so easily viewed in my life. I cant wait to start my tech school to get it over with so i can finally come home to You. This weekend i will finally be able to spend time with You, but nothing will compare to when i finish tech school and will find You waiting for me to walk through that door again and jump into Your arms.
    I hope this week passes by fast so that You can travel to San Antonio to visit me. Nothing will compare to finally being able to see Your smiling face again and to see those lovely eyes of Yours. You may not think they are pretty at all, but no matter what i always find them adorable and cute. They have so many different things hidden in them that i have missed. I know that throughout my training, even though i have had a lot crammed into my head that i havent forgotten at all who i belong to....You. You are my Master and i have missed You so much. I cant wait to feel Your face in my hand and just be able to hug and kiss You again. You never know how special things are until they're taken away from You for a time. I've been away from You eight weeks now and will get to see You for three to four days before You must leave me again, this time for 13 weeks. The only good thing is that with those 13 weeks i can talk to You on the computer and just talk to You on my cell phone too. This is the highlight of my life and i just cant wait to be back with You.
    This week is going to be special and i hope to make You proud with everything that i have accomplished and that You love Your new airman lil one. I cant wait to see You at the end of this week.
love ya and miss ya and cant wait to see ya,
<3 lil one <3                          

   This writing is something that i found and thought it best described this whole process i have started for myself that You have helped me with. I have found out so much about myself with Your help and with the basic training that i never knew or thought possible of myself. I know that You always push me to be the best and do the best in everything i do. It doesnt matter what it is or how i do in it, but as long as i'm giving everything, i know i am making You proud. I cant wait to see You at the end of this week and i hope my weekly letters have helped You make it through the weeks as i was getting my butt kicked by the training instructors and the rigors of basic training. I love You so much and i hope You know this..You have showed me who i am and helped me to be myself with no hidden agendas or trying to be someone i'm not for other people. I love You for this because You are the only person in the world to see the true me and accept me for who i am. I know in the beginning of my training i questioned myself and didnt want to leave You, but You told me i would be fine and i made it through it. I love You so much and am so happy to have You as my Master because You constantly push me to be the best me that i can be. I love you Master!!!

Be Myself
   It was dark and moist. And the seeding knew she must push on to break the soil. It was a desire and she knew she had to work hard to reach the top. One day she felt a strange feeling as the soil turned warm and soft. She knew she was almost there. The soil broke away as she pushed on to break through. Suddenly she felt the sun upon her. She was elated. She looked around and saw a magnificent array of beautiful flowers. There were daisies, cosmos, roses, and vines bearing fruit.
   How she wished she could be what they were as she had no idea of who or what kind of flower she was. She gazed around and saw a beautiful rose bush with thorns. She decided that she must reach him as he could give her shade. She looked up at his beautiful roses. She wanted desperately to be a rose. There were pink roses, white ones, red ones, yellow roses and roses that were made up of several colors.
   She decided that she would try to be a vine and slowly creep under the rose bush with his magnificent thorns and flowers, which rose could she be? The rose bush asked her what she was doing there. She replied that she wanted to be a rose on his vine. She told him she had no idea which color to be. He looked down upon her and told her that each rose had innate qualities and each knew his or her own color. She looked up at the rose and asked how she know her qualities. He looked down and smiled and told her she had to look deep within herself and she would find out.
   She thought and thought but could come up with nothing. She asked the rose if he would help her to find out who she was. He replied that he could guide her but the rest was up to her. He looked down and smiled as her saw a potential rose who was working harder than any rose he had ever encountered.
   He gently touched her and asked her if she could be any color what would she be. She said i would like to be blue as there was no such color on his vine. She told him that she would work hard to be what color she needed to be. She suddenly saw that she was light blue. This was not where she wanted to be.
   She had worked so hard to be above the ground. She knew she could do anything she set her mind to be....She wondered why she had to work so hard. The rose looked down and told her that some had to struggle harder than others. He also told her that struggle would make her stronger in the long run. She was suddenly tired and hot. The rose leaned over and gave her shade and dripped a bit of dew upon her. She slept soundly until she felt a prick upon her. "Time to wake up", the rose told her and continue on her way. She replied that she did not want to leave his comfort. He pricked her once more and told her that she was not a rose and did not belong with him. She cried as she thought she had found her destiny. 
   She moved away confused and hurt when she saw a lovely patch of blue bachelor buttons. She did not belong there. She knew she was a blue rose and watched as she developed thorns. She grew straight up and knew she was where she needed to be. She looked down and saw another seedling rise above the soil and smiled and wondered where she would end up!

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