Saturday, September 25, 2010

Pure craziness and its just the beginning

   Today just seemed to be even crazier then yesterday. I couldnt believe that i passed out as hard as i did last night. I loved the way the day ended though because it was an amazing long night. I ended up laying down and talking with Him last night before my time for accountability. In all honesty, i'm beginning to hate cell phone alarms. If it hadnt been for Him calling me yesterday, i would have missed accountability. My alarm didnt go off like it was supposed to or something(i did check it and it was set on pm and not am). It was set on the right time, but didnt go off. I may have to get an alarm clock if the same thing happens, but i doubt it will.
   Anyways, after accountability i got to talk to Him and tell Him goodnight. i love it when i get to tell Him goodnight. All through basic it was hard for me to sleep in the beginning because i wasnt able to hear from Him goodnight and the ritual we go through on the phone. Yes i know it's silly but to me it means a lot because for me to be able to go to sleep i need to hear Him tell me goodnight and that He loves me. I slept later in basic, but only because i was exhausted. Now that im back to where i can talk to Him everynight, it's amazing to hear those sayings that put me at ease during the night. He really is my comfort and i long for the day i'm back in His arms.
   After passing out asleep, i woke up this morning and started the day. It was a mid afternoon start though because the weekends are the only time i can catch up on my sleep. I love it, but back to this morning. I woke up and finished getting ready for the day and headed out to the library. I couldnt wait to print out a copy of my orders, so i could see in paper where i was going and have proof for myself. I also looked up cars and found a really nice one that i get to go check out tomorrow. i cant wait because He is helping me in the process of looking for a car. He has been supportive through this whole thing and knows just how much getting a car right now is important. Plus i need to have one for when i go home anyways.
   So i'm super excited about checking out the car and of course, cant wait to let Him know all about it. It looks like a really beautiful car and i honestly cant wait to test drive it. It should be good and i hope it all works out, but im not going to get my hopes up too much because they were crushed before when it came to a car.
   Anyways, after looking at the car i headed to the bx. It was crazy because there were so many families in there with babies and little kids. I saw a little boy with a camo hat and thought he looked so cute. It was crazy because the minute i saw him i realized that when me and Him have a little boy that he will probably be wearing the same thing, with one exception---it'd be a camo UGA hat. Lol. I love seeing the little kids running around and i guess it may have to do with something inside me saying that id like a kid(which yes i know i will be waiting on this for a little bit). I love and always have loved little kids. I love how He just knows ill be a natural mother. He saw me juggling a baby, ice cream cone, bottle, baby shoe and napkins. He saw me and fell in love with it because He felt that was sexy to Him. I love that He loves me in the domestic side of things because that's where i flourish i think. I see little kids and imagine pleasing Him and taking care of the kids too. i love it and cant wait to be the submissive wife for Him.
    So anyways, new subject on the day before i get myself worked up. I headed home from the bx and it was an amzing day. I got home from the base and now have people going with tomorrow to look at a car. what can i say? I'm not stupid and am not going alone or with other females to the car dealership....that's just asking for trouble right there. I have done my research on the car and know what to expect and who to get financing through and everything else. The car is going to be an awesome thing for me even though i know that my mother will think its me being irresponsible with my money, even though i have a budget set up.
   Today i think has been filled with craziness from lectures from my other and aunt on how i should be spending my money to happiness to talking with Him before He got called into work. I love Him so much and cant wait to be living together. Which speaking of which, now i have begun looking up and planning my dream wedding. It's something i never did when i was younger, that im doing now but i also am being realistic with it. It's crazy because i have never thought about this before and He is 100% okay with all of this. He has even told me to start dreaming. I couldnt imagine spending eternity with anyone other then Him because He has made me so happy and just how amazing He is. I love how understanding He is even when i have my moments because my training here makes my digress. After a long day here i'm usually tired and exhausted and may make mistakes with things i would never do wrong with Him, but He forgives me some, but also deals out punishment for what He feels like. I know that any punishment i earn even while here, is rightly given and given to me to help teach me and show me that i was wrong.
    Anyways, enough about digressing in my training. I just cant wait to get back to Him and start living together. It's going to be a change for me, but a welcome change. We lived together before i left so its nothing new, but this time we will be on our own.
   The other thing to talk about that happened today that shocked me was that He talked about would i like to be fitted for a collar. I about had my heart beat through my chest. I couldnt believe that He had asked me hear these words was crazy. it meant a huge step and was almost equivalent to getting a ring(which to me is vanilla symbol of our relationship together when it happens). i just cant believe that i'm getting a collar from Him. i dont know when it will be, but i know that whenever it is, it will be special. im just curious what all getting fitted for a collar would entail. i know for sure though that once i got it, i would wear that thing proudly around the house and the vanilla one outside the house. I love the idea of it and what it means that i just cant wait to get it because i know it will be a proud moment and i cant wait to see the look of how proud He is of me in His eyes. Man, the longing i have for that collar and the lifestyle but patience is my virtue right now(not really but im trying to be patient and wait). But really....hmmm imaginging what it'd be like to be fitted for a collar???Would i have to go to a special store or hmmm...who knows. Maybe He'll tell me. :D
   So after a day like today, i wonder what tomorrow can bring. i do know that i get to see the car tomorrow and talk to Him, other then that its an adventure.

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