Saturday, October 23, 2010

Feeling proud for Him :D

   Wow, today has been amazing!!! I feel like i have accomplished so much although i dont like the fact that i made Master mad at me on accident. im still trying to figure out a way to make it up to Him, which im not entirely sure of just yet. Anyways back to the day...
   This morning was amazing. My alarm went off and sad to say i turned it off after i hit snooze twice on it. i meant to get up, but for some reason i just rolled over and went back to sleep. It seems that the weekends are really the only time that i can catch up on my sleep and today was a good day for that because i had been exhausted all week. i slept for 13 hours!!! i cant believe it and Master was shocked because He went to bed after me and was up before me. i was told though that there will be no sleeping in while we are at the cabin. im sure that this is true because He is the only one that knows how to wake me up, even though i usually wake up when He gets up most of the time.
   Anyways, after that i got up and did some laundry. i hate doing laundry here because we cant leave it alone. There are people here that like to steal other people's clothes like tshirts and everything. i admit that i realized i had more then 4 tan tshirts because two are still hanging up in my closet. It made me feel very foolish to realize this, but oh well. i know i have my blonde moments and i admit to most of them. i did my laundry though and was actually able to get it done in a reasonable amount of time----under two hours.
   Finishing the laundry, i realized i still had to go to clothing and sales to get my stripes for my jacket and my shield and function badge. It was surprising to me and i got a compliment that i wasnt expecting from a lady there. She was looking for the same badges i was and had no idea which one was what. She asked for the function badge and the shield and the lady had to go to the back to look for the shield. While the salesperson was in the back, the other lady customer asked me if i was buying them for a husband or boyfriend and i told her no i was in the service myself. She said oh well congratulations and we talked for a few more minutes. She told me that i was one of the few pretty police officers that i needed to be careful and watch the males. i laughed and told her that i would watch them and thank you. It was amazing to me that i would be told i was pretty by another female because my hair was a mess and everything, but it made me feel really the way Master makes me feel when He says that i look sexy in anything that i wear. 
   Anyways, i finished there and went to finish the rest of my errands. Master made a comment and i truly agree with Him that during the weekends i need to wake up earlier. Today it seemed that everything was rushed with what i was doing, but in all honesty i was killing time anyways because i couldnt go to Walmart until after 6 because thats when my friend got off work.
   Today has been filled with a lot of fun and hopefully tomorrow will too. Who knows because i have to go hang out with people from my team.

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