Saturday, December 18, 2010

Shock, awe, and a ring!!

   This afternoon, well both this afternoon and tonight have been amazing so far. Granted my butt may not think so, but i think that it has. Tonight has been full of wonderful and amazing surprises that i cant even believe happened.
   Master and i got into the cabin and enjoyed lounging around while just spending time with Him. We both watched tv and just relaxed after returning some redbox movies. Dinnertime came with me working on the mac n cheese while He worked the grill. The grill is an area that im not allowed in partially because i am not a grill master like He is. Anyways, back to dinner....i was working on the mac n cheese and it turned out well aside from the fact it got cold. For some reason they got cold extremely fast even though it was left in the pan with the heat staying in.
   After eating dinner, it was time for Master to open His presents. The feeling was one of anticipation and not sure as to what was going to happen. There was a certain uncertainty of what would happen once they were opened, but what can i was my own pick your poison. He opened them and loved each and every one. All the gifts had been bought at Spencer's because i didnt know a lot about the Texas area and i have never been in an adult store before. This wasnt going to be my first time, even if i was shopping for Him. The very last gift He opened (after the rubber whip and the leather whip and handcuffs and blindfold) was a paddle. Looking at it when it was purchased, you would have thought it would be bland. It was anything but bland when Master unwrapped it. His lil one had created a GA symbol on it and personalized it because i knew that Master would love it even more with His favorite team on it. That was the ultimate Christmas present for Him from me.
   After opening the presents, my thoughts are somewhat better. Honestly i am glad that He opened them and not apprehensive about them being used on me. Yes, i know a couple of them will sting, but i cant wait to see what they all feel like.
   Thinking the hot tub sounded like a good idea, me and Master went and climbed in. This is all honesty the first time that i have ever been skinny dipping. It was no bathing suit allowed for us when we got in and it made it that much better. Feeling Master pleasure me and pleasuring Him while in the hot tub was amazing and a new experience for me. It seems that staying here is going to be a lot more set of firsts for me.
   Here is the critical part of the whole time in the hot tub. Shortly before we got out, Master came and sat outside of the tub on the edge and pulled me over His knee. At first i had no clue what was going on, but then i began to figure it out. Honestly im not much of a fighter until the pain gets intense, but it seemed that it was more intense sensations because my skin was still wet and it made the sting a lot harsher. My hands kept flying back and i remember Master had to keep telling me to put them down or He was going to add more. After this, my first 100 of my 300 spankings was over. My butt was raw and i have never cried so hard....but i knew that Master loved me with the care He showed me after the first spanking.
   Master took care of me and i thought that part was over and there wouldnt be anymore, but that thought should have been pushed away. He likes to surprise me and this wasnt an exception to that. But we moved inside and got into the jacuzzi tub inside the cabin to warm us up because it was freezing outside. I couldnt believe how cold it was, but that tub felt good. After getting out of the tub, i was going to put on a pair of shorts and top when Master stopped me. He came in holding the blindfold that i had bought for His Christmas present. Let me just say every thought imaginable was running through my head at this moment. I couldnt believe that He was blindfolding me and i was thinking that the next set of 100 was about to happen. (It did but that was a little bit later). I heard Him rustling around and a set of keys and then heard Him walk in front of me. Feeling myself shaking, i braced myself for a hit from one of the various instruments that i had brought with me. This was wrong though...when He told me to take the blindfold off and look at Him....there He was on one knee with the ring in His hands.
   Being a sentimental girl, i couldnt believe that He was surprising me like this. Going to put the ring on my finger, it didnt fit but i could care less. The magic of the moment was so special and i just couldnt believe that He had asked me to marry Him. Yes we had talked about it before and we both knew that we were getting married, but to officially be asked and surprised like i was....i couldnt believe it. All my emotions were rolling into one and i was about to burst into tears when He picked me up and kissed me and wrapped my hair in a towel. It made me laugh and i couldnt be any happier.
   After this, we both lay down and began relaxing in the bed because it had been a long day and it was freezing in the cabin. THe bed is one of the few places with a comfortable and warm blanket that we both could snuggle together with. Before long, i found myself subjected to the next round of 100 spankings. I honestly couldnt believe how badly that leather whip smarted. Master hit a few places again and again.....crazy and drives me to want to get away when He keeps hitting the same spot over and over again. My butt is now officially on fire and very sensitive to what is happening....
   My only thought is when is that next 100 going to come??I wonder if it will happen with the hairbrush or the paint stirrer or the paddle that i got Him?? So many possibilities....oh man. To top that off, i got Him some handcuffs too and i wonder if He will ever use them. Granted im not completely comfortable with asking Master to please handcuff me and just have your way with me...but He does that already. Lessons from the past have taught me that He does things in His own time, but sometimes i know i can be impatient. I honestly want to see what it feels like to have those handcuffs around my wrist and see what it feels like for Him to take advantage while im really unable to move and have no senses(forgot to mention the blindfold just adds to everything to not be able to move away or defend myself and cant see....weird with my history but i trust Him completely and know He wont ever hurt me....)
   Is it possible for someone to get up the courage to just ask....Master please can you handcuff me and test the paddle and the paint stirrer and spank me with the hairbrush until my butt is a nice rosy red??? As shy as i am i definitely could not do that. But its the thoughts in my do you work on communicating that??Hmm should be on my list of things to work on with Master...For now my writing in this journal is how i can work at communicating and figuring out how to communicate it to Him verbally.
   The night is still young and im sure there is more fun to be had(or at least i hope so) but if happy to just be here and lay with Him. Is it sad though that i feel like i crave and need sex??Its like i cant get enough from Him, but at the same time i dont want to wear Him out. We havent seen each other in six months and i feel there is so much that i have missed.....but at the same time i cant wait to find out all that we rediscover in each other in a given time. I look forward to all these lessons.....hmm i wonder if my first lesson is figuring out how to ask Master what i mentioned in the previous paragraph???

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