Saturday, January 8, 2011

As life passes by....

Today I find myself watching my husband doing His job and watching Him its amazing to watch. Maybe it's the love for Him talking here, but I can tell He likes this job and it keeps Him close to what He loves.
Master is an amazing man which is one of the many reasons I love Him. There are so many reasons that I love Him that just trying to state them all or even a few would take forever. watching Him move and everything for His job is a beauty in itself.
I find myself thinking how lucky am I to have such a man as my Master and husband?? How did I get so lucky?? the two of us have thought many times that there is something going on beyond us but either way I am not complaining. Master is my whole world and I count my blessings everyday for Him last night.
We haven't even been married long but things have been rocky somewhat but at the same time its been great. Everyday that has been stressful has been equally unstressful. He knows just how to calm me down after a day where everything seems to be going wrong (much like yesterday was for me----explain a little later). Master always knows exactly what to say to calm me down or just spends time with me. We have been through sickness as He took care of me after I puked my guts out to just cuddling with me and tickling me.
The future is bright because Master makes me so thankful each and everyday. If I'm upset, I'm not upset long before He is digging to find out why. We have a new house and I have an amazing new job. In the past I would have been scared to start this new future, but taking one look at Him and I know that all will be okay. There are so many little things He does that I'm not sure if He even knows it that put me back where I belong.
He laughs at me everytime Mama's Song by carrie comes on, but it honestly is how I feel about Him. He laughs and says He isn't good cause He's bad(which He is bad and evil at times and good others but mostly good), but He is good in the terms of the song. He is the only man that I have ever truly loved. I thought it was before but our relationship made me realize it wasn't at all. I just had a strong like for them. Love is when you have to leave the bed at four in the morning for work and you haven't even left town and are already missing them. Its saying goodbye, knowing you'll see them soon, but your heart still hurts cause you're still hurts from having to say goodbye. He really is the man of my dreams and has never once said He was going to do something and not done it(although on some of the punishments I wish He hadn't but am glad He did it). He is a man of His word and is perfect for this lil one.
The future is amazing with plans for an actual wedding and I can't believe all there is that goes with it from making a guest list to picking out the dress to where it will be. I feel sometimes that all the chaos of worrying about that and also working on making Him happy and pleasing Him and my job that it all gets jumbled. Sometimes I get too focused on one thing and forget to focus on something that He told me to do. I know this won't happen again but I still feel horrible when I do it.
I only hope that Master knows just how much I love Him. There is just so many times you can say it(millions of times) in a day but I feel so much more should be said. He is the only man I have ever felt comfortable going back to my room(our room in our case) after drinking. The other night I was allowed a few drinks and Master was amazing. But I love Him so much and hope He can see. Every moment spent away from Him I'm not truly away...I'm always right there with Him much like today.

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