Thursday, January 27, 2011

Just one of those days....

   Have you ever had one of those days that started out pretty well for the most part and just went down hill?? Well today that just seemed how it went. It went from better to good to sucky to just downright crappy. Ugh, how could that happen?
    The morning started out with checking out this place that is similar to a goodwill. Despite that sterotype, there was a whole bunch of stuff there. Clothes, movies, uniforms, baby clothes, baby toys and shoes, and just anything for the most part there. Pure craziness but i had so much fun and ended up coming out with more stuff for the two babies in my life then me and Master. He thought it was funny and laughed when i sent Him a picture of all the items that i got.
    Lunch time came and went after briefings and it was full of fun. The usual lunch of chicken, fries and oreos was another favorite again today. The good choice of getting food with a drink in a cheap price is a pretty good thing for me. What can i say??? Im a girl that always looks for the bargain for the most part.
   After lunch, we went back to class and had to sit there for more briefings. The most important one and most brutual for me no matter if its made fun or not is the sexual assault topic. Admittedly, my hands were already shaking when she split us up into groups and we worked on coming up with skits showing different varities of a sexual assault and how to go about reporting it. Brushing it off, i figured Master would want me to try to work through it as best as i could. Realizing that someday in the future i was going to have to help someone that had been in the same place i had been, i felt a need to be strong and try to work through it. The acting wasnt the greatest, but thankfully none of the groups went the route that i thought they were going to go. They stuck to a safe and didnt actually show a pretend attack. Things like that, no matter how small tend to trigger my memories sometimes and let's just say its not a fun night after that. But back to the topic.......the main good thing for me to remember is that i made it through the skit. For Master, i conquered it and for myself!!! It seems im stronger when it comes to doing things for Him and me then just for myself.
    Working through the skit, i realized that things were going okay. They werent exactly great, but not amazing either (here is where things started going downhill). Master was talking to me as i went off and went to register my car. Trying to get it registered was a pain and come to find out, i couldnt register it where i tried to, so i had to go to the one close to where the house is. Needless to say, the GPS frustrated me because i couldnt find it but that was later. Squealing into the driveway, i ran into the house and looked through everything trying to find that one piece of paper i needed----my birth certificate. Apprently you need it when you are applying for a new license after your name changes from getting married. Craziness huh?? Well phone was left in my car and i am always supposed to have it on me. Master sent me three text messages and i had like four missed phone calls by the time i got back into my car and was in a panic ransacking every compartment to find this piece of paper. Master was not happy and when i saw that text message and heard the tone in His voice and knew how worried i had made heart sunk. At this point my day was no longer great or even sucked.
    Needless to say, i have a feeling that a punishment is coming in the future for that misthought on my part. Running into the house, the plan was to grab the document and come back down....but it failed. It was like ten minutes or so of me ransacking the house trying to figure out where i put my birth cert. Finding it in the glove box, i breathed a sigh of relief and called Master. Honestly, after the last time i was out of touch with Him i dont expect any sympathy but if it is given i wont complain either. Knowing that my phone is supposed to be on me at all times (unless work doesnt let me have it but that is rare and He knows when that happens) and i didnt follow that rule. Breaking one of the rules of our relationship is a bad idea for me, so i know for sure a punishment is probably coming. If not, id probably ask Master for one because i felt so horrible after. Because knowing that i was on the way home, but not letting Him know that i had made it home.....He probably had every thought going through His head because of me still being on the road to Him. Needless to say, i feel horrible because i caused Him to worry when He shouldnt have been worried.
     The other part of the night that was horrible was that i just dont know when to shut my mouth.Sometimes i can go on and on when it comes to something and i just dont know when to stop. Master was talking about something and i just kept going and next thing i know, the phone was hung up on me. Let's just say it was a big slap in the face. My big mouth gets me in trouble again.....pure craziness. Sometimes i guess i just need to be reminded that yes i can have my opinions and yes i am His submissive and allowed that right, but sometimes i have to know when to quit.
    Is it weird that im wondering how to ask Master to punish me for both of those today or if He even feels theyre punishment worthy. Who knows, im sure that Master will have a decision of His own but i guess i can always ask. You never know....i may get what i ask for and i might not. In all honesty, i kind of crave or feel that i need a really good spanking. Not the kind that sends you into subspace, but the kind that lets you know whats going on. The bare hand on your bottom or the paint stirrer or strap cause those things are evil but good old fashioned discipline. Curiosity is eating at me thinking on that as to how those will happen once He is down here in the house with me. Will there be a designated corner for me to stand in after He's done spanking me or will i just get my spankings and then be done?? One can never tell with Him. There are all sorts of things running through His mind but all i know is im going to work at trying to communicate the feeling inside me that i crave/need a good spanking (like bare handed and/or hair brush) and just to be put into the corner and made to stand there all red faced, tear stained cheeks and bright red butt. Oh well, i put it in the hands of Master to make His judgement....


  1. lil one,

    there is already something in My mind for you. This evil mind of Mine has the punishment thought out for your disobedient behavior.


  2. Master,
    i know i messed up and i deserve whatever punishment you have in store for me. im sorry i let you down :(