Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Such a wonderful new future

   As i write this, i am in the process of cooking our first actual meal in the new house!! Crazy that im such a multitasker, but it is still amazing nonetheless. Being able to go grocery shoppijng and planning out meals for not just one person anymore is an amazing feat in and of itself. It is cute watching Him standing at the counter beside me peeling potatoes and helping me with dinner as we make it. I still cant believe how lucky i am to have found such a loving Master.....crazy that He was so comforting and just understanding especially after today....
   Posting on a sad note, today is my the day of my grandmother's funeral. The thought still hasnt occured to me that she has passed away, but thankfully Master is there to distract me enough and keep me occupied to the point where i dont dwell on it too much. She is gone, but her memory with me still remains. Last night, i flipped out because i couldnt remember what her face looked like. i'm sure ill have those days, but for now i take it as they come.
   Going back to cooking dinner, i should probably get back to it. Will post more later tonight after dinner.

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