Monday, May 2, 2011

is it April fools day again?

   So as of late last night, the news announced that Osama bin Laden was dead. The first time i saw it was on facebook and i honestly thought it was some sort of joke that people were just being funny and playing a new sort of game to try and punk people out. It seems that this wasnt wasnt a joke at all but very real life.
   The president announced to us that he was in fact dead and DNA tests confirmed it. He died in Pakistan and was killed by covert soldiers that were taught the best in how to fight. :D I cant believe how good it feels to know that he is dead, but i cant help but feel a sense of dread with this new news. The military is now placed on a heightened sense of alert and there are also more safety precautions that are going to be initiated at the bases. I know for a fact that this is going to make my job just that much more harder to do and a lot more high stressful. I am honestly nervous as to where this new future is going to steer us. Hopefully it means that our military can at least come home out of Afghanistan because i understand that in Iraq we are in the process of trying to help them rebuild their military.
   My other concern is more faith based. It seems that maybe this will either bring some more peace to around the world or chaos. Either way i think that i am going to start examining my faith a little bit more because i have realized that i have become a little bit lax in it and just brushed it off with everything going on. I would pray to Him when i felt like it and others would just be when i felt that it was needed to give Him a moment of praise. I think though that He deserves all the praise for everything in my life whether it is the good or the bad because He knows the plan for my life and i have to endure some struggles and hardships to get to the truly good things in life. This is especially true for me because i had to go through so many rotten apples before i found Master. He is the most amazing man in my life and i really do thank God for every day that i get to spend in His arms. Tonight will feel even more extra special going to sleep laying in His arms. I find myself wanting to give back more and become a little bit more faith based then what i have been in the past. In the past i have said that i would start reading my bible more and just pray to God before every meal and at night before i went to bed but somehow it fizzled out. Well not this time. :D Im determined to keep this goal and to push forward. I think there will be a lot of watching "Facing the Giants" in my future to remind me just how thankful I should be for everything and that God always does things in His own time. I may not know what it is, but He will reveal it in due time. For now all i ask is that He allows me to enjoy every moment that i spend with Master.

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