Monday, July 11, 2011

What a feeling..

   It was crazy last night when i got back into the room and was done reading. Master surprised me and boy did it feel good to be used llike that. He had me moaning and begging for more. Although i cant wait to see more. Master and i may be having a talk later because i think that i am getting to where we can slowly start sinking back into the lifestyle. Not only that, i feel like i am craving something. I feel like i keep getting away or im having very bratty moments. It's been a good while since ive had a spanking, but then again part of thaat is because i have tried being a very good girl. My thoughts may be muddled and i think my lust is overpowering me right now, but i just need to be f****d like crazy and just feel what it feels like to be used until He has been satisfied like He almost did last night. Last night felt great, i was craving something but i dont know what. Either way though i was very happy with how things turned out because Master always leaves me satisfied sexually. I think im rambling here, but i guess what im saying is that im begging for more from Master. Im craving the feeling of a few hits of the belt and then a good hard use session where He takes me from behind. It reminds me of my place and makes me feel like i am His submissive and after this weekend, i kind of wonder if it will help put my mind at ease about all that i had to drink too. He is the man of my dreams and i wouldnt want to do anything to screw up. i guess for now, i will try to read some stories and hopefully they will help. :D

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