Monday, August 8, 2011

Some positive thinking...

   So much like my title says tonight, i am in major need of some positive thinking. Work today has me majorly pissed off and im trying to figure how to go about doing things. One of my coworkers is just becoming this evil witch that takes advantage of her situation majorly. She has been caught driving on a suspended license, which in this state means you automatically lose your license for the next six months. There aint no if you get convicted or anything like that, its an automatic penalty from the research that i have done.
   Anyways....she just gets to run willy nilly anywhere she wants while me and my other coworker are left to pick up the pieces. Normally i have my other half with me to help clean up after work is over, but today she was sent home early since we are opening about a half an hour early. She even offered to stay but one of the bosses in the office told her to go home and even took her ids she was finishing up even though her husband wasnt here. She left around 245ish and i was left alone with just me and two other people because the same boss that told my other half to go home also left about 5 minutes after her. Normally i wouldnt have a problem with this, but this left me the only military person in the office. On top of this, i was working with a civilian who is trying to get us in trouble to do things we arent supposed to be doing. If i get told again tomorrow that i have to file paperwork in a cabinet im not supposed to be in, im going to go off on her. She will know that we arent supposed to be getting in any of the cabinets except to get the forms we use and the materials drawers. Thats the only places....
    My frustrations are mounting on top of already having a very strong hunch that the chick getting to run willy nilly anywhere is also not pregnant. Our bosses are just looking at us and laughing because they think we dont know what we're talking about. It is very bad when you have about 4 people working in the office not believe this chick is pregnant. We're the ones who sit there on a daily basis and listen to what she tells everyone. She doesnt realize it, but she doesnt know how to keep her story straight. She goes from being 7 months pregnant about 2 weekends ago to suddenly being 7 1/2 almost 8 months pregnant that same weekend and then this past weekend she was supposed to be 7 months again. To me something isnt adding up right. Now i may not have had a child before, but i know how google works(i dont just check one site here either) and i look up everything she says about how far along her baby is. For those of you who have had a baby, im sure you were told as the baby developed what size it was and the measurements to make sure it was developing normally. She at first said that she wasnt told when my other half asked her how big her baby was after her last appointment. Then about fifteen minutes or so later she changes it to her baby is about 22inches. Now no offense, but i think thats bigger then a fullterm baby. A coworker who has a 7-8 week old baby, her baby has just now gotten to 23 inches. So to have a 22inch baby still inside you at 7 months pregnant is a miracle in itself and it also means that you would definitely be showing. Oddly enough she isnt showing at all. My other coworker who is about a month or so behind her is showing more then this lying, conniving chick is.
   Anyways,it seems like she is just getting let off after each time she gets in trouble. There is just nothing she can do that warrants anything. Dont show up to work and dont call, oh we reward you and give you your rank anyways and let you go on as if nothing happens. Much like Master says, i think we need to talk to someone to get this resolved because i dont think these Sgts are going to do it anytimre soon. Now im not one to normally blow the horn on someone, but i think its time something is done about all that she has done and is doing right now. On top of potentially lying about a pregnancy, she's having an affair and is now getting away with everything from our bosses. I just cant stand for it anymore.
    Days like today just make me realize how much i love Master. He takes my ranting and raving and calms me down. My frustrations are still sky high tonight, but i think if it still is later i may have to ask him to help me get rid of these frustrations in whatever way He deems fit. It seems sometimes i let my frustrations get to me so bad that they leave me pent up and the only way out is a good session with Master. It always helps me to get out of my funk of whatever major contest that im dealing with. Honestly i hope it doesnt have to come down to that, but i think i may need a good spanking anyways. My butt hasnt felt the sting of Master's belt since i got a spanking for crying over nothing. He gave me a reason to cry for sure. Maybe i need a reminder...Master keeps asking me if im going to be a baby from where He playfully smacks my butt.

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