Thursday, September 29, 2011

New Rules mean a new diet

  So Master and i were talking and tomorrow is going to be a brand new start for us. Well more for me. Master and i have both had a long heart to heart and came to realize that i need to definitely lose weight. Lately i have taken to the fact that i am sick as to why i cant do certain things or that i dont have to pay attention to what i eat. There have been too many soft drinks and definitely way too many pieces of cake that i had seconds of or other numerous things. It is so odd for me to think that i have gained so much weight, but i am quite happy that this is going to start a new chapter in our lives with me starting a diet of some sorts and new rules for me.
   Master is being amazing and i cant believe that in a few more months it will be almost a year that we have been married and that i have been His submissive wife. Things most definitely arent always perfect with us, but i wouldnt want it to be. Life isnt always about everything running smoothly, and yes i may gripe sometimes because it doesnt go the way i want it to, but i honestly like it later after i realize it was for the best. These new rules are going to be a challenge to get used to and a challenge for my willpower but im sure that Master will have no problem whoppin it into me if i slip here and there. Just like He has created new rules when it comes to cleaning, but ive realized ive slipped a little bit with the laundry. Its just so hard when i get home and start a load and i fall asleep before i put it in the dryer. I cant help it that i forget!! Im only human you know!! Anyways, those are rules that Master has brought up and created and the ones below are the ones that i came up with. It will be interesting to see what the consequences are if i slip up in my rules, but im sure the later will be even more enjoyable because i know Master does it because He loves me and im forgiven after my punishment.
   Which idk why but im feeling that i just need a good scewing right now for some reason. Call me crazy, but i seem to be in tune with some of the other submissves and slaves blogs that i read. They all seem to be on the same wave length. Is dropping subtle hints really considered topping from the bottom or just being nice and giving a guy a hint because you know sometimes us women arent so easy to read! All i know is for some reason i am craving a good hard spanking where my butt has a nice burn, but it doesnt hurt too bad and then Master just moving me onto my knees and driving me into oblivion and making me cum so many times that i just cant help myself. A few nights ago we got to know ourselves while i was still experiencing Mother Nature and let me say it was very enjoyable. Im kind of wishing to get back into experiencing the feeling of Master teaching me new things and teasing me and prodding me until i cant handle it anymore. Granted we cant do it for long during the week, i seem to find that i sleep way better or fall asleep right away after a good fucking from Master. Its like its own sleep medicine lol. Call me crazy but i just miss what it was like before i left for basic when we had sex every night(it seems im always too tired from work and i pass out way too early leaving Master hanging). I miss the feeling of Him just exploring me and how He let me know i was His and occasionally tied me up. Weird with my past, but sometimes i like the feeling of being tied up and just teased and then used or licked. I crave the need to cum for Him and just feel Him enjoying my pussy to no end and i cant control how fast or how slow He pleasures me(this may have to do with Him teasing me with licking gestures earlier today and leaving me turned on the rest of the day thinking about Him eating me out and me being helpless to do more than enjoy it and wish He would fuck me sooner or later)
    So done dropping hints if theyre hints or just letting Him know what im thinking. I dont want to seem like im topping from the bottom or get myself into trouble cause that would be bad ya know. Ill have to see how this weekend goes and how the first week or so of my new rules and diet work out for me. Catch everyone on the other side!! I promise myself i will definitely keep a blog every week at the least of what is going on.

1.  No late night snacking after 8pm at night. (this is going to help me from going overboard and eating dinner then snacking about two hours later)
2. Whatever fresh fruit we buy, i must eat all of it before it goes bad instead of letting it sit in the refrigerator because im not in the mood to eat it. (to many times we have bought fruit because i agree that i will eat it and it goes bad by sitting in the fridge because i just dont want to eat it because there is other better tasting options--sugar loaded tasty options. so lets just say taking out that factor will help me lose a good bit of weight too)
3. Study my workbooks for work every night for at least an hour before getting on facebook or blogger (Master will definitely make sure this doesnt happen because it is absolutely imperative that i pass this test on them at the end of this coming up month. Thankfully i know how to cram, but it is going to take a lot of will power not to try and get on facebook to check something or get on blogger to find out the latest on the many blogs that i have picked up reading.)

4. There is to only be 1 drink per day of orange soda, dr pepper, etc (lately i have noticed that my intake of all different kind of soft drinks has taken an increase. It is a bad thing when Master and i can kill four 2 liters in two days between the two of us. Two of them was mainly me, but anyways. This is a part of the crackdown on not putting so much sugary and nonhealthy stuff in my system so it is definitely limiting of these now and more water in my future)
5. If Master and i go out to eat, i am to chose the most healthy options from where we are eating (Ashamedly, i have to admit that i have eaten a 12 oz steak and sides and a 16 oz steak and sides at various restaurants. My body is not like Master's in that i shouldnt be eating that amount of meat or found at all. There are times where i have out eaten Master and that i am ashamed of. It is not mandatory every time to have salads or grilled foods though, every once and a while when Master approves i can have something fried or greasy but it should be kept as small as possible but still fill me up)
6. Every week Master and i will complete at least 1 activity of some sort whether it is a walk or some other form of activity that gets me burning calories and stays within the limits that i have been given by the doctor

7. Snacking is to only be healthy snacks or healthy recipes for snacks. (Too many times i have just said "oh what the heck" and grabbed a piece of cake or that extra little bit of cheese dip saying that i would end up working it off later or i would be eating healthier later so it wouldnt matter. Now it is time for me to keep this from happening by not bringing it into the house until i get things back under control as far as my health is concerned)
8. The menu for the pay period is to be completed and given to Master at least 3 days before the pay period for Him to review and agree or disagree to the items on the menu (this just keeps me on top of things. Every pay period i am the one that comes up with the menu for the pay period and the meals that we are going to eat. By having it done far enough in advance, i can ensure that everything on there is healthy for me and my new diet plan and also food that will Master will eat and that He has things He will be able to eat as well because He isnt expected to have to diet with me or cook special for me)
9. Every day i must drink at least 4 bottles of water, or 32 oz, by the time Master picks me up (this goes with one of the new rules above. Usually i tend to drink a lot of soft drinks and not enough water. Being sick and having health issues that arent exactly defined, it will definitely benefit me in the long run to drink more water than soft drinks)
10. Every night Master will quiz me from my job knowledge books and i must pass them(this will help me to make sure that i pass my test at the end of the month. Master knows that i can ace this test, but this makes sure that the studying is actually going to be put to good use and i am remembering everything that im studying. Master is fully supportive in helping to make sure i ace this test and put this whole thing behind me)
11.  Every piece of food or drink that i have once this starts, will be written down so that Master can help me to make sure that i am following what i am supposed to when it comes to my diet. This will definitely help me keep from letting my will power overtake me and convince me that the two pieces of cake are okay and that my diet later will cover that snack.

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