Friday, September 2, 2011

Who knew....

   So i find myself just enjoying spending time with Master. Before i found myself craving things to change, but now i feel that my mind knows He is doing what's best for me. Although i still wonder if i should go to HIm and let Him know that i am okay for Him to do whatever He wants to me or just talk with Him at night. I kind of feel like i dont want to be given the option of saying no when it comes to Him telling me to do things like i have done lately. A part of me knows that by telling me no and keeping me on edge longer, it increases my chances of pleasuring Master way more and i reallly really want to cum for Him like no other(like the one night i got His shirt and the sheets wet from my cum)A part of me feels that i want to try anal some more with Him because i feel we havent done that in a while, maybe because of the concerns going on...i dont know. All i know is it hasnt gone on a lot lately and i kind of miss it in a way. It burns and then feels oh soooooo good as Master pounds into my hole. Thinking of that and just having Him pounding into me as hard as He can just calling me His slut and reminding me of where i stand is an amazing thing to me. In the past i have felt what it was like to have Him cum in my pussy, now i kind of wonder what it would feel like for Him to cum in my ass after just screwing me for minutes on end. :) Who knows...i think i may offer a pair of handcuffs and a naked lil one to Him after i put the doggie to bed.
    But either way...i find myself oddly calm about things in the future although after looking at the old rules, i do think they do need to  change but im going to personally change them to what they have become now :) Although im still going to talk with Master, i dont feel so much as im letting myself slip away as i was before...i just feel sometimes my brain gets ahead of me and craves more then my mind or body could possibly handle. Master has things planned and He does what He does to keep me safe and it may take me a little bit to get used to it, but im determined to keep that thought in my head now. Now i think im going to finish reading my story, put the doggie up and then maybe play with those handcuffs and experience them for myself for the first time with Master ;)  (although i may need to grab the key first too lol or just leave it be and let Master have fun with that too)

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