Monday, August 13, 2012

Waiting.....and waiting...

    So this weekend has posed an interesting dilemma. Master and i have had an agreement that i would start wearing my thongs when im wearing a skirt and my shorts because they have not caused an issue and dont interfere with rubbing or making anything feel raw. These past couple times that i have worn my skirts and shorts, i have put on regular underware. Admittedly, Saturday was i just didnt feel like putting on a thong in the type of skirt that i was wearing because it seemed that it would show. However, Master noticed i wasnt wearing the correct underware when we were on our way up to visit family this weekend. He immediately told me that i would be punished for not wearing the correct underware. My stomach was in knots and did flips when He said this because it has been so long since i have been punished for anything.
     Master saw the look on my face when He told me i was being punished and i felt the churning...He told me that i had all weekend to stew because it would be a few days before He would punish me for that. My stomach has been in knots because im trying to figure out when He's going to punish me and how and just ready to get it over with. Last night i found myself wishing that He would punish me then and then fuck me while i was wearing my skirt. It was one of the few things that makes me feel sexy and hot to Him. Since i have had our lil penguin, i have felt that my body is too scared and ugly from the stretch marks and extra skin that i have from my stretched out belly. Although i am glad that i didnt make  it the full length of the pregnancy because it would look a lot worse than it does right now.
     Anyways.....ive thought about it a lot and i definitely deserve to be punished and just hate waiting for it. Im impatient and waiting the whole weekend and last night killed me. But enough of that....Master and i had sex for only the second time ever since ive had the baby and gotten out of the hospital. The first time was mindblowing and felt so good to finally have Him inside me and fucking me like He did. He had worked me up to a frenzy to where i was to the point of begging Him to fuck me. It felt amazing because i had gone so long without feeling His expert hands massaging that g spot or fucking me in and out and then feeling His cock moving in and out of my wet pussy. He really knows how to play my buttons and He made it so special to have sex again.
    Last night was even more amazing than the last time. Master was kissing me and playing with me and within a few minutes i was begging Him to fuck me. He had played with me earlier in the night and by the time He played with me again i was soaking with need. He really does know how to play His lil one like a fiddle and i love it. I find myself honestly wanting some more tonight and wishing for more play with our toys. It has been so long since we played with them that i kind of missed them along with Master. On top of that our lil one has been sleeping for longer stretches so it is getting easier to get time to ourselves. To be honest, i feel like a sex hungry maniac because i crave it every night, but im not sure if Master is up to it. I mean how do you do that??? Do you just go up and ask Him to play or just start rubbing on Him?? This is something new to me and i feel like im having to dip back into things again. Guess ill try and see how it goes.

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